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Working Together
The Braid Method is
how creatives hire us,
and how we always begin.


“I need a brand! I’m not being clear. I’m not expressing what I really do. I want to work in a new way and I need to show it. I’ve got to package my services better. I want my brand to feel like me and articulate my purpose!” This is what we hear from creatives, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and businesses looking for help.

The Braid Method is how we help inspired, but often overwhelmed dreamers –  designers, photographers, makers and creatives who want to make a living doing what they love. Sharing who you are, and selling what you do, is about making money, yeah, but it's also about your dream, "your thing," and what you can be known for. So we help our clients close the gap between their dream and their actual creative business vision.

Now, you're going to hear us saying vision a lot. That's because your vision goes hand-in-hand with your brand. Creative businesses (and the people who create them) are made up of all these threads – ideas and uncertainties, passions and distractions. So our method is about sorting through those threads, seeing the ones that overlap, getting the loose ones out of the way, and getting the good stuff even more blended together – blended into a clear vision first, and then into a concrete brand platform.

consulting + custom guide
created for you to really
narrow in on your expertise
fully designed + written
branding and positioning
for you to take and run with

THE BRAID METHOD is how we work together:
- one-on-one consulting sessions with exercises, over six to eight weeks
- a custom Vision Guide created for you and your business
- a fully designed & copywritten Brand Platform Package, including:

- a logo
- tagline
- business card design
- Facebook cover design (or web masthead design)
- brand positioning copy
- brand story
- conversation slides for selling what you do

Take a look at the work we’ve created for our clients & what they have to say >

1. Your specialty or offering / why people hire you!
2. Your dream client / who they are!
3. Your point of view & purpose / what you want to be known for!
4. Your approach / what people can expect along the way!
5. Your personal brand / in your voice & style!

Contact us for more details on what you get with the Braid Method >

This is our Braid branding package, it's very methodical and a bit like brand therapy, but with a whole big treasure-box of brand assets created and delivered to you at the end. It's the way we create a brand that helps you clarify and package together who you are and what you do, into a simple, articulate, and super-visual Brand Platform.


Designers & Makers
Writers & Bloggers
Photographers & Stylists
Coaches & Consultants
... and Aspiring-to-Be's!

DESIGNERS & MAKERS HIRE US to put words to what they do, to define the style they want to be known for, to hone in on the dream client they want to actually design for, and to position themselves as creative experts instead of order-takers.

WRITERS & BLOGGERS HIRE US to match their brand look-and-feel to their point-of-view, to get their personal voice more blended into their professional content, or vice versa, to help turn their personal brand into content they get paid for.

PHOTOGRAPHERS & STYLISTS HIRE US to package their expertise and point it toward the right kind of dream client, because not unlike designers, photographers, event specialists, and stylists are creating a product  –  but they still want their specific style and service to set them apart.

COACHES & CONSULTANTS HIRE US to help better explain what they do since their services can often feel intangible, and to narrow in on words and images that reflect their specific philosophy and approach, in a way that feels equally inspiring and hireable.

Of all the creatives we've helped, from Seattle to Houston, from Boston to Miami, from here where we live smack dab in the middle of the midwest in Oklahoma City to other countries like Denmark and Australia (which makes for interestingly scheduled Skype sessions that's for sure!) creatives who hire us to help them with their business vision and branding, always begin with us the same way – with our Braid Method. If you can’t work with us one-on-one, check out our Braid ECourse. > >


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