is branding & business visioning
for creative entrepreneurs.

writer & method-maker
I position creatives to
better sell what they do

designer & work/life-sharer
I coach creatives to
show more of who they are

We started Braid to make our vision real, to share and sell what we’re best at, and now we help others do the same. We started as sisters, now we’re a team. The thread that runs through every brand we create is a special mix of personal and professional, business and purpose, work and life. It’s a blend we know well – it’s what we’re known for.

Tara Street
Kathleen Shannon
Liz Johnson
Caitlin Brehm

Our background is in advertising and freelance, designing and writing, blogging and consulting. A day-in-the-life of Braid could include video chatting with a creative entrepreneur or organization as we go through the Braid Method to help them narrow in our their brand vision. Our afternoon might be focused on writing and designing a brand platform. We always make time to share insights along the way, whether that’s writing a blog post or letter, creating a worksheet we want to share, or recording a podcast. Of course, our Braid ECourse is always humming along with people working on their own expert positioning, personal brand, and ways to package their services, so we might be popping in to give advice and feedback in a comment or a webinar!

Yeah, we develop brand platforms shaping visuals and words, for our creative clients. But that work, as emotional, intentional, and beautiful as it may be, comes from being able to "see" all the threads of a creative business and then blending them together for a narrow, clear, confident brand and business vision. And that's really where creative entrepreneurs get the absolute most from what we do.

So we'd have to say that moment when they "see" it too – is our favorite part of the day.

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