Your Brand On A Desert Island


We’ve all played the desert island game – pick one type of food to eat, or one song to listen to while forever stranded on some castaway shore. But what if you had to recreate your brand on a desert island? If you could only choose a few items to represent your brand experience, what would they be? And what one skill would be the most valuable to you?

Next time you’re planning an all-staff meeting or you’re just a two-person shop that’s feeling a bit unsure if your brand is reflecting how you want to be perceived, try this exercise with each other. It’s a revealing way to strip down to your brand essentials. The answers might surprise you – are they completely different from each other, or is a common pattern emerging?

What's Going In The Boat?

Your Brand Survivor-Style:
1. What objects would you take with you to recreate the brand experience? Object A, B and C.
2. What one extra special ingredient would you add to the mix? Could be music, a smell, a mood.
3. What one skill would be the most critical to the brand’s survival?

In our newsletter article, Branding Training Cultivates Smarter Employees, we asked our friend Keri, a former employee of Starbucks and Disney, to take a stab at the desert island exercise based on her employee brand training with these big-timers of experiential branding. Here were her recreations of both:

Starbucks on a deserted Island

Disney on a Desert Island

So what would you bring along? Tell us your objects, your special ingredient and your one most important skill to recreating your brand experience on a desert island.

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