Working From Home for Creatives


Working from home for creative entrepreneurs

Braid Creative has been officing out of my house for almost a year now. At first we were self-conscious about the fact that we didn’t have a “real” office space. But over the past year we’ve really come to embrace working from home - and the majority of our creative entrepreneur clients work from home too.

So, let’s say you’ve finally decided to take the leap and make a go at being an artistpreneur. Working from home is an obvious choice. There is no extra overhead and you’ve probably already made your space a sanctuary for creativity. But sometimes working-at-home can turn into always-working and induce a bit of claustrophobia. So here are a few tips, from personal experience, on how to making working-from-home … well ... work:

Working from Home for Creatives

Tips for working from home as an entrepreneur:

1. Have a designated work space. Preferably, an entire room, with a door that you can close at the end of your work day to let your brain know you’re now home. Also, be sure to account for your office space as a write-off on your taxes!

2. But also have an off-site work space. Mine is a coffee shop down the street.

3. Make sure your home is clean. If your house is cluttered you’re going to A) procrastinate by cleaning or B) feel unmotivated to create beautiful work in a dirty home and go on a Hoarders watching marathon to shame yourself instead. Keep your home tidy. In fact, go ahead and hire a house cleaner to come in once a week - it’s worth every penny and you can write off a percentage of that expense as well!

4. Go outside. After realizing that there were days when I literally wouldn’t step foot outside I started “walking to work”. I take a walk around my neighborhood every morning before work. And at least once a week I make a coffee date with a rad friend

5. Establish work hours. I almost didn’t include this tip only because part of the beauty of working for yourself is making your own schedule. Establishing work hours will hold you accountable to actually work, produce and create. Oftentimes establishing hours of operation is what separates the professionals (the people who make money) from the wannabes (the people who do not).

6. Let your spouse, partner or roommate know that you are working-from-home not staying-at-home. If you’re expected to run your own business, produce amazing work, do all the laundry and have dinner on the table before your spouse, partner or roommate gets home you’ll go crazy and start fantasizing about working at a makeup counter in the mall instead of running your own rad business.

7. Create a ritual for clocking in and clocking out. For me clocking in is opening my work email and going over my to-do list for the day. Clocking out is a glass of wine. A more healthy option might be going to the gym but both are a great way to decompress after a long day.

Do you have any tips or questions when it comes to working from home? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook.

Photos of us working from home by Greer Inez.

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