Wildly Productive And Living The Dream


wildly productive and living the dream

“Wildly productive and living the dream.” This is the kind of stuff that Kathleen says that makes people either love her or hate her. And she likes it that way. I can say that, because I’m not just her business partner, I’m her sister. I’ve seen how she can overwhelmingly inspire, or completely inflame with her point-of-view and personal brand.

Good thing for us our dream clients, working creatives, creative entrepreneurs and aspiring-to-be’s, like you out there – love what she’s putting out there.  I love how fellow dreamer (and doer!) author/illustrator Becky Murphy of Chipper Things, captured Kathleen’s words, and maybe a little bit of her soul, in this illustration above.

Why do we love dreamers who are also “doers” like Becky? Well, because they get that it takes more than just “living the dream,” as sparkly and attractive as that is, and they know they need to make some decisions so they can get down to business. A decision-making stall out can completely derail a creative from being wildly productive, or living the dream.

Creative Coaching

A lot of times when we work one-on-one with creative clients I tell them my expertise is helping them package their process and positioning, while Kathleen’s expertise is personal branding. But really, it’s deeper than that, her expertise is decision-making – swift, unapologetic, and specific.

So to continue with words from Kathleen, this one isn’t going to get illustrated or cross-stitched and hung on a wall, but it is actually going to get you on a decision-making path to DOING what you’re dreaming: 

“Dreams don’t happen. They’re made. But first you have to get specific about what that dream looks like.” 

This is pulled from Kathleen’s recent post Get Specific. It’s just one in a series of Creative Coaching posts she’s been sharing lately, as she’s been training, and coaching a LOT of creatives on, well, she might not call it this, but I will – on decision-making.

Because which comes first? The doing? To do something before you can know what you’re best at, or even like? The dreaming? To envision what you really want out of a dream job/business? The decision-making? To know what the heck to do next? I can tell you this, it’s like a three-part chicken-and-the-egg scenario – an endless wheel. And it never stops. 

I likened this decision making to choosing a path last week in What If I’m On The Wrong Path, and proposed that if we all just stayed on the bus (our own creative expertise), then the path-choosing isn’t such a huge deal. So now that I’ve really crossed metaphors here, maybe the wheel is like doing donuts in the bus for a little bit (oh man, our dad used to do donuts on Sunday mornings with all us kids packed into the old VW Rabbit 'til we were spinning and screaming!)

I’m lucky enough to work with my business partner and sister, so we can take turns on this wheel of dreaming-deciding-doing.  If you need a little help with the spinning, maybe she can help

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