Who Are Your Permission Givers?


Permission Givers for Creative Entrepreneurs

I saw the amazing and prolific Kate Bingaman Burt speak at the HOW Design Conference three years ago and she kind of changed my life. She’s one of those people who oozes creativity (without pretension) and turns everything she touches into a piece of art which then turns into a viable project that makes said art a career. She’s a true artistpreneur whom I truly have a crush on. But what I want to talk about today is something Kate Bingaman Burt touched on during her talk at HOW: permission giving. 

Kate Bingaman Burt spoke about how important it was to her to have people in her adolescence, like her grandma who was also an artist, give her permission to be an artist too. With these permission givers in her life she wasn’t afraid to fail. That very concept of permission giving has shaped her approach to teaching and educating her own students and developing artists. She didn’t go much further than that on the topic but I’ve been thinking about it and exploring my own instances of needing permission ever since.

Permission Givers

It may seem silly to need permission to be creative but lets dig a little deeper. A mentor or hero is someone you can look up to - or emulate. They might help you streamline your creative process by sharing with you how they achieved success in a similar endeavor - this might be your favorite blogger, a professor, or Oprah. A cheerleader is your number one fan - someone who will think you’re the shit no matter what - like your mom. But a permission giver is someone whose counsel and approval you literally need before you can move forward. 

It’s essential to have your permission givers in place, especially when you embark on something big and scary, like a special project or new creative endeavor, that seemingly nobody else is doing. These people make you brave. They give you validation to take action and create without precedence. 

Who are your permission givers? 
What do you need permission for right now?
How can you be a permission giver for others? 

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