Which Kind of Creative Are You?


Last week Kathleen talked about creative rituals to help get over creative anxiety. Some of our rituals include feel-good ones like running midday to refuel the brain and obsessive-compulsive ones like methodically setting up the margins and rules on a blank document to help overcome getting-started inertia. Jonathan Field’s book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance dedicates a whole chapter to this idea of ritual.

But there’s one blurb of a paragraph in there that we saw and immediately knew we wanted to expand into a visual branding exercise for creative entrepreneurs. Fields titles it “Identify Your Creative Orientation” and challenges the reader to “figure out which creative orientation fills you up and which empties you out: insight and big-idea generation, or refinement, expansion and production.”

Actions / Inspiration


Many Parts / Big Idea

Of course, like two tweens taking a quiz in a magazine, Kathleen and I immediately starting trying to figure out which orientation we were.  We both ping back and forth between big-picture mode and rolling-up-sleeves mode, but we decided if we had to generalize, that Kathleen is the big idea and I am more into the refinement and development of that idea.

Okay, another admission. Not only do we sometimes read just one or two sentences in a book and get a spark of an idea for a branding exercise... we also get inspired by these different kids activity books I have lying around, with these really cool drawing exercises. Because the truth of the matter is that kids are people, and most people (the neat ones) are still kids.

Included on my bookshelf is this giant activity book by the prolific Japanese children’s book author, Taro Gomi called Scribbles. He also wrote and illustrated, Everyone Poops.  Enough said, right? This guy’s life mission must be get people creatively unblocked. 

There is certainly a future 10 Minute Brand Exercise that’s gonna be born from the combination of Uncertainty’s business-book sense, and Scribble’s draw-it-out sense. In the meantime we just uncapped a Sharpie and did what Gomi’s book told us... and scribbled.

Okay, so back to the question. Which when you get stumped on a project or an idea, which creative method do you turn to? No cheating, you gotta pick one: honing in on the big inspiration or chunking it into tiny steps of execution? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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