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So the first Braid Workshop is coming up May 4, here on our home turf in Oklahoma City. We made a video to share a little more about what to expect you can watch here.  Our workshop is for creative entrepreneurs like photographers, designers, web developers, coaches, consultants, stylists, bloggers, writers, and marketers – out there on your own, selling what you do and sharing who you are.

But, the problem is, you hate feeling salesy and you can't decide if you love or hate the overlap between what's business and what's personal. So our one day workshop is going to take you through some of our most helpful brand and business vision exercises that get down to what you should be sharing and selling.

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As far as what you can expect from the day, well, we're going to start with a get-to-know-each-other downtown breakfast at Kitchen (on you and optional). Then we'll actually begin at 9am sharp at the Level building a few blocks away in Deep Deuce, with a break for lunch (on us and included) from Native Roots, a local seasonal market just downstairs, and then back to work until the whistle blows at 5pm.

Our agenda is a two-parter. Kathleen's going to get everyone uncovering their personal brand in the morning, and getting more intentional about "Sharing You." Which aspects of your personal life overlap into your profession? Are you undersharing or oversharing your content in-person and online? What could you really be known for?

In the afternoon Tara's coaching you through getting way more comfortable "Selling What You Do." Because creatives hate feeling salesy, and we're all trying to prove our worth – but as hard as you're trying, is your true expertise really showing? We're going to show you how to get that sales content (and conversation) feeling like it should. 

If you think you think our workshop feels like a fit, we hope you sign up, and walk away with some really bright spots of clarity around this blended work/life business you've created for yourself (or maybe are just now dreaming and planning about, but have yet to get started).

If you've already taken our Braid Method Branding ECourse around content shaping and personal branding this workshop's a great way to take it to the next level and get more personal guidance and hands-on help. You aren't alone in these struggles. We're creatives too, we see the common threads, and we want to help you see yourself and your business better, too.

Eventbrite - Braid Workshop: Share YOU & Sell What You DO

You can see more details and buy tickets to attend the Braid Workshop at our Eventbrite page. The cost is $250. You can register up until May 3rd or until the workshop is full.



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