What Branding Twists Will The New Year Bring?


For us, the last three months of this quickly ending year started with building Braid. There was the name. The logo (which Charlie redrew here... he also built us a virtual blocky office, complete with two desks, and a gigantic outdoor statue-sign in his Minecraft world on the computer). There were chalkboard photo shoots and brand adventures.  Refining our methodology. We knew weaving authentic brands was our best talent.  Following a set process was how we’d hold ourselves accountable, and really make our clients part of the journey.  

But a brightly colored thread that kept weaving in and out – like a startling string of magenta that you didn’t expect to like until you saw it next to the other colors – was how our logical method kept attracting other creative professionals (especially ones that are finally steeling their courage to strike out on their own).

Turns out, our brand methodology actually helps them clarify their own vision, too. We don’t even get to the brand execution part. It’s all about the process and journey. Figuring out their past strengths, future visions, and a realistic overlap where they need to focus in the present (as in stop coming up with more sparkly shiny ideas and execute one!)  

So what’s our plan for the first three months of 2012? Personal branding is a topic that we feel pretty passionate about, and from artists to corporate CEOs to our Coney Island sideshow performing brother, it just keeps popping up all over the place.

Sigh. We can plan and process and plot all we like. But there will certainly be more than a few surprising twists and turns in store. What color thread will emerge? Perhaps vermilion.

What branding topic do you think will be on everyone’s mind in the new year?

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