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When Minted Magazine, an online publication that empowers women in their lives and careers, asked to do a Q&A feature with Braid, we said, “bring on the empowerment, Minted!”  So Kathleen and I got to share our take on some of the unknowns facing other entrepreneurial women just starting out – like dealing with unexpected scariness (it’s not always what you think it’s going to be) and trending brand topics like how to blend personal branding into the professional.

We can share advice like that all day, so consider us minted! And we certainly don’t mind sharing the company of other connection-minded women like Molly Cain, the CEO and co-founder of Glass Heel, an online community for professional women. Molly is going to be featured on the cover of the Minted Spring Issue coming out March 12th.

Molly Cain Minted Mag on Braid Creative

Great quote and Glass Heel is a cool name. A little bird (okay it’s Kimberly Lin the co-founder/publisher of Minted) tells us that Minted and Glass Heel are partnering up to host a women's small business conference this October in Austin, TX. We’re hoping we can be part of the event, as well.

Braid on Minted Mag
“The challenge is being brave enough to take on the scary things that matter, to stop doing the things that aren’t strategic. The last thing you want is to be trapped on a treadmill of your own making.”
- Minted Magazine, Q&A with Braid Creative & Consulting

‘Cause we like to share our minty-fresh point of view, too.

Check out the upcoming issue of Minted Mag coming out on March 12 and the meantime be sure to check out our Q&A over on the Minted Mag blog.

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