Top Five Ways We Use Social Media


Social media can be a bit overwhelming. When you're faced with a landscape that includes (but is not limited to) Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Myspace, Tumblr, Blogger, Digg, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, Flickr it can become downright paralyzing.

Here at Braid Creative & Consulting we want to share helpful content, cultivate connections and inspire conversation using social media. So here are the online tools we've adopted so far:

• Our Blog: The Braid blog is the best way to see how we capture, shape and share what we’re up to. You can expect it to be updated 2-3 times a week. And we expect you to comment (okay, we don't expect it but would love it if you'd share your ideas with us too). You can subscribe to our blog RSS feed here.

• Facebook: Our Facebook page is kind of like our online office. Here you'll get sneak peeks at the Braid culture and what's developing in our space - from our rubber band ball to a new braided rug – and what we’re up to behind the scenes.

• Twitter: Twitter is one of our favorite ways to connect with our mentors, peers and fans in less than 140 characters.

• Pinterest: Pinterest is a tool we use to "pin" visual inspiration for ourselves and our clients. Check it out for yourself, but be warned, you may get lost in the sea of genius that Pinterest has to offer.

Braid Pinterest

Filling up our Pinterest boards with inspiration has become a bit of an obsession.

• Vimeo: This is where you can watch our “branding adventures.” We use video (sometimes just simply shot on our iPhones) to share our client stories and case studies, so you can come along on a branding work-in-progress.

What are your favorite ways to use social media? Do you have any questions or challenges using social media tools? Let’s discuss - comment below.

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