Tools For Capturing


We’ve been talking a lot lately about the importance of taking (and sharing) brilliant notes but today I would like to give you specific tools for capturing sparks of creativity in the moment.

Here is my personal toolkit for capturing and creating on the spot:
• Sharpies - I’m very specific about my Sharpies. I prefer Ultra Fine Point in a variety of colors.
• A Highlighter - A neon yellow highlighter is great for identifying patterns or calling out especially inspired notes you want to make sure to remember later.
• A Composition Notebook - There's something about not being afraid to mess up when you're taking notes in an old school composition book. The kind you can find for 25¢ at your local pharmacy.
• A Moleskine - For when I need to feel artsy and hip. I like the gridded kind.
• Post-It Notes - These are great for making quick notes that I can stick to my monitor later for reference
• An iPhone - I use my iPhone to take quick notes, video or photos on the fly. Tara and I even use an iPhone to capture our branding adventures.
• A Point and Shoot Camera - I love my little Canon G10. I use this to capture real life moments or details that pen & paper can’t do justice.
• Ruler, Xacto & Corkboard - These tools are used to create a vision board from magazine clippings, paint chips or other found objects.

And don’t forget to share your notes as you’re taking them to get others on your page!

What are your favorite tools for capturing? Do you have a favorite pen or notebook that get? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments.

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