Time Machine Brand Exercise


Since we’re in a futuristic kind of mood this week, here’s another ten minute brand exercise that’s a great followup to Past Present Future (if you haven’t tried that one already try it here.) See, I have two kinds of coping methods for uncertainty and doubt when venturing into the unknown, either with a big creative challenge or a life milestone or... oh let’s say starting your own business for the very first time. One, is I pretend like I’m a robot. 

Okay, I’ve only really done the robot thing maybe once or twice in extreme moments. This is more a personal coping method for stress. I just try to keep the emotions at bay and default to logic. Boop once for “no.” Beep twice for “yes.”   You know, kinda just to put things in perspective.

Two (and this one is less freaky and more frequent) if I’m about to venture into something new, I pretend like I’m in a movie. I usually do this while driving in my car to a soundtrack that helps me visualize how the three day film shoot I’m about to do in a different city is going to go down. Or how being an entrepreneur for the first time is really going to look and feel.

Pretending like you are in a movie is really like telling your own story before you get there. And it’s our inspiration for this ten minute brand exercise, Time Machine.

Time Machine Robot
Time Machine:
Imagine you’ve traveled three years into the future. When you look back and tell the story of your endeavor, it sounds something like this:
1. Once upon a time I decided to start a ____________________ business.
2. I wanted to be different than other _________ businesses who only ________.
3. I wanted to deliver ____________ to people who want ___________________.
4. It was a lot of work but found that people really loved our _________________.
5. They spread the word like crazy by sharing ________________________ about us.
6. Our most loyal fans are people who appreciate __________________________.
7. I’m glad our brand captured a sense of ___________ style and ___________ purpose.
8. Today, I think clients “get” that we stand for _________________________________.
9. Now I want to try “what’s next” by trying  _______________________________________.

Chunking your intent into these simple phrases is a really simple way to build your future story. Hopefully it starts to paint a more concrete (and simplified) future vision in your head. If you still feel you need some more perspective? Beep twice for “yes,” and try more of our ten minute brand exercises.

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