The Traveling Entrepreneur


The Traveling Creative Entrepreneur


 Summertime is synonymous with travel and vacation. And one of the biggest patterns we’ve uncovered after working with dozens of creative entrepreneurs from all over the world is that travel is important to them. It’s important to us too. You see, when Tara and I started Braid we agreed on something crazy like 8 weeks of vacation a year. And as summer approaches we’re cashing in on that fantasy. 

I will be backpacking in Eastern Europe (including a trek through the Carpathian Mountains - you know, Dracula’s old stomping grounds) for three whole weeks while Tara will be having more Griswold Family Vacation style road trips to the beach. So when we talk about “living the dream” we’re talking about travel (and afternoon breaks for coffee on sunny patios). And we’re finding that this dream is true of every single one of our clients. Creative entrepreneurs just like us who want the freedom to go anywhere, anytime without permission from anyone. 

Day 3 Kathmandu Day 4 Lukla/Phakding Everest


 I plan on completely unplugging while backpacking through Europe this summer. I’m leaving the laptop at the office and my phone will be turned off. But the cool thing about working for myself is that focusing on capturing, shaping and eventually sharing my experiences off the clock is a part of my business - especially when it comes to travel. 

For example - in October of 2010 my husband and I backpacked to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal. I was four months into freelancing and felt a little ridiculous and guilty for taking 3 weeks off to have an adventure. When I returned home I took another month to shape and share the trek, day-by-day, on my personal blog. Through that documentation I found my voice and my aesthetic. In fact, the way we style the posts at Braid is inspired directly from the way I styled my Nepal posts. 

The experience itself shaped who I was and sharing the adventure helped me establish my own personal brand of being someone who is not only brave enough to start her own creative business but someone who is brave enough to fly into the most dangerous airport in the world in the middle of the Himalayas and then trek up to breath-taking (literally) altitudes. The way I shared that story has become a case study in and of itself that has landed me actual jobs and opportunities.

A welcomed and unexpected byproduct of capturing, shaping and sharing my Nepal adventure is that it attracted a new caliber of customers. Dream clients who also care about travel, telling a good story and being brave: the creative entrepreneur. 

Local Independence


 Some creative entrepreneurs that I look up to include Chris Guillebeau and Gwen Bell. Chris is challenging the belief that work has to be “work” - that changing the world, traveling and having fun can be meaningful and sustainable. He’s redefining what “work” itself looks like for the creative entrepreneur. 

On that note, I always tell design students that good design does not exist in the computer. I need to take my own advice because shaping who I am as a creative entrepreneur doesn’t solely take place in front of my iMac. 

Meanwhile, writer and consultant Gwen Bell moves every 3 months. She stays in furnished homes via AirBnB - so she can travel light (in fact - she lives out of a single bag). She stays in a place long enough to let the environment saturate her experience and then moves on. What I admire most about Gwen Bell and Chris Guillebeau is that by being bold, yet nimble, in the way they work and sharing those experiences and points-of-views they are in a position of control with their loyal audience - and isn’t that every creative entrepreneurs dream? They place an importance on the way they live (travel, yoga, writing) and then seamlessly integrate those philosophies into their work.

Here’s a list of questions I’m going to ask myself as I chase the dream this summer:

 1. How does doing what you love off-the-clock expand or add to your expertise on the clock? 

2. And how do you share those personal experiences in a professional setting? 

3. What are some ways you can automate your work in a meaningful way so that you can make a living even while you’re completely unplugged? 

4. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? 

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