The Start Deck: Surprising Brand Answers From Root Juice


When we begin The Braid Method with a client, right away we get into gathering and capturing mode.  If we’re going to create a brand that stands for what it’s supposed to, we’ve got to get down to the real the story. So we start with, well... The Start Deck. This is a stack of cards we send our client-participants. Each card has a different ten-minute brand exercise for them to complete. One of the most surprising and revealing Start Deck exercises we conducted with Ryan & Paige of Root Juice was Card No. 6: Word Throwdowns. So now it’s our favorite. Here’s how it works.

Word Throwdowns Branding Exercise
“Word Throwdowns” starts with pairs of words that might best describe the purpose or personality of the business or organization. Another way to think of it is as words that describe what other people should either a.) know or b.) feel about the experience, product, or service.

Between each pair of words the one that’s more “true” is circled. Different people within the exercise might have different answers once they are revealed, so we have to arm wrestle that out together. And from there we created a bracket to narrow down the top picks.  I mean, who doesn’t love a bracket?

Root Juice Word Throwdowns Branding Exercise Bracket
Ultimately you end up with the top two words. What you want people know on one side and feel on the other. Kathleen and I went into this exercise assuming what the outcome would be (a brand that was more adventure/hipster culture) and we were pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t what we anticipated (actually more about local roots and neighborhood). Which just goes to show how important it is to go through a method to uncover an authentic brand story versus just making one up.

Can you describe in just a couple words the purpose or personality of your business? What do you want your customers to know about your brand? What do you want them to feel about the experience, service or product you offer? Share your thoughts in the comments below or let us know on Twitter what you think.

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