The Power of Word Weaving


Everyone knows the magical tale of Charlotte’s Web, how Charlotte the well-mannered spider saves Wilbur the naive pig from inevitable slaughter by basically creating a branding campaign for him – weaving headlines like Terrific, Radiant, and Humble, into her barn door web.

The web words kind of freak out the farmer and his family and eventually the whole community, but it saves Wilbur’s neck. I always thought it was odd that the pig got all the attention instead of the spider. Charlotte was the one that captured his personality, crafted it and shared it with the world.  Of course, if this were a modern-day tale, evil government scientists would capture Charlotte, take her to an underground facility in New Mexico and do all sorts of experiments on her, like make her weave code for the military. Then the little girl and that sleazy rat and Wilbur would have to bust her out – all in 3D of course.

The other day as I was visiting my seven-year-old’s class, and I saw a collection of their most recent art project displayed along the hall. They were handmade webs, with a single word in the center that each student felt best described them.  I thought this was such a clever project. And it made me think, if a spider can write (granted a fictional one, but humor me here) and a seven-year old can evaluate their own best trait, shouldn’t the rest of us brave up and get more confident with sharing our written word?

Five Writing Skills A Spider Can Teach Us
I argue that Charlotte’s web campaign was a bit old-school. Kind of the equivalent to headlines on a bus bench.  “Terrific” was a bit generic.  It’s like saying “quality” or “great customer service.” “Radiant” was a bit of a reach. I think there is a definite brand disconnect there. Wilbur was a friendly, charming, little firecracker of a pig, but “radiant” always seemed odd to me, considering he wallowed in mud.  He was also a bit precocious, so I don’t know if “Humble” quite fit the bill either.

But, criticizing Charlotte’s Web is making me feel a little uncomfortable, like in a second I’m going to bust into that class and tell those kids that Charlotte dies at the end. Oops, spoiler alert.

Honestly, though, isn’t it the criticism that keeps so many of us from expressing ourselves through writing? Well, that and the drudgery of proofreading.  So whether you’re taking a crack at writing your own creative copy for the first time, or finally steeling your nerve to start that blog, or even just crafting a few perfectly phrased bullets to defend your work, present your ideas or (gulp) even save your own little firecracker of a neck – think of that little spider-that-could.

5 Writing Skills A Spider Can Teach Us:
• Editing. Sometimes you don’t have to say a lot.
• The power of one unique word.
• The importance of being authentic (okay, I think she could have tried harder on this one).
• Surprising people with a skill you didn’t know you had by just trying.
• Taking your worst critic (be it a talking rat, but most likely yourself) with a grain of salt.

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And tell us, what are your favorite single words? Someone mentioned “jaunty” last week. Surprise us with your “Radiance.” 

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