The Inseparability of Person And Business


Inseparability of personal & business

A lot of you guys already know that Kathleen blogs over here at &Kathleen. In fact a lot of you who read Braid, found your way over here from J&K.  It’s funny, because when Kathleen and I decided to start our own small business, we though “okay, how do we separate Kathleen’s brand from Braid?” You know, cause Braid is serious-business-right? Oh, silly, silly girls.  That’s the wise me talking to the silly me seven months later.  Because the obvious answer is. You don’t.

combining business and personal

Kathleen’s readers have always been drawn to her style and transparency. Sometimes having that strong of a point of view (stripes in the hallway! yikes!) or being really brutally honest (what it takes to fire a client) can be polarizing. You love it or hate it. 

When we started Braid up we knew that 1.) we wanted to specialize—have our own unique niche—so that our clients could come to us (and us to them) from anywhere, and that 2.) our creativity would always be based on methodology.  We thought our clients might spring up from our advertising past. Were we wrong. So many of our clients, like our readers, have come from Kathleen’s blog. Our niche found us. And they are the creative professionals, creative entrepreneurs and creative small business owners –  from Cleveland, Ohio to Seattle, Washington to here in Oklahoma City.

Kathleen’s Freelance Matters series and travel documentary of her Nepal trek have had the most influence on how we construct our blog over here on the Braid site.  Is it a coincidence that these two series happen to tap into the best practices behind the business side of creativity and the planning and determination it takes to get from one point to another and then turn around and weave a story around it that takes every reader right along with you? Um, that was a long question. The short answer is “yes, we thought it was a coincidence.” Now we know that personal brand and business brand are almost inseparable. You’d think sisters who are business partners would have seen this truth as clear as day. That’s okay, because now we can’t see it any other way.

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