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Our third Braid ECourse is now open for registration – Dream Customer Catching: Embrace Your Expertise & Attract What You Track. Kathleen and I created this course because most creative entrepreneurs (as creatives) don’t like feeling the pressure of bringing in new clients. They don’t like feeling like sales people – or that they’re desperate and will work with anyone.

But as business people we have to keep the lights on, pay the bills with this dream job we’ve created for ourselves. So we want to help creative entrepreneurs still attract and “catch” those new clients, but stop trying to cast their net so wide – and instead do it in a way that keeps them narrow, focused and adding to the depth of their expertise.  

What’s so scary about this approach, of honing in on your “dream” clients only – is the idea of saying “no” to the other ones. But on the flip-side, what’s so dang appealing about this approach, is that you stop feeling random and frankly desperate about taking on any one who knocks on your door. Oh, and the bigger picture result is as much for your clients as it is for keeping your dream job, well... “dreamy.” Because if you’re sticking to your core genius – you can actually make more impact with the clients that you do attract. 

Stop Casting Your Net So Wide

Braid ECourse Dream Customer Catching

The Braid ECourse: Dream Customer Catching which begins December 3rd, is divided into four lessons, with hands on exercises, worksheets and exclusive videos (with Kathleen and myself, as always!) that will help you:

Lesson 1:  Identify Your Dream Customer
(so you... and they... know who they are)

Lesson 2: Embrace Your Expertise
(so they can find you, trust you.... & hire you)

Lesson 3: Attract What You Track
(so you can see your “dream roster” in action... as you fill it up with these dream clients)

Lesson 4: Maintain The Dream Engagement
(so that after they become your customer, your job still stays dreamy)

The Braid ECourse: Dream Customer Catching will be in session for one week only, December 3 through the 9th. Registration is open now through Sunday December 2nd, for $75. 

You can sign up at 



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