The Braid ECourse for Shaping Up Your Content


So it’s official. Our Braid ECourse is launched and open for registration. This is the first ECourse in what we are developing as an ongoing series – Shaping Your Content: Taming Your Ideas & Telling People How To Buy You.  And the biggest question we get from people interested in registering is, “is this for me?”  

Our purpose for this ECourse is to take this one particular aspect of how we help our one-on-one Braid clients and offer it in a lesson plan of sorts. We want to help other creatives professionals, bloggers, entrepreneurs and aspiring-to-be’s wrap their head around all their ideas, focus on the ones that are content-worthy, weed out the ones that cause distraction and confusion – and make what they are writing and saying less generic, more authentic, and supportive of their actual vision for themselves and their creative business.

Why creatives love-hate their content.
Content creation and sharing is one of the most powerful ways to attract your dream customers to you and your creative services, products and point-of-view. When we say content, we mean words, messages, images, stories, and even conversations that you are sharing – on a blog, a website, a series of social media platforms, and even face-to-face.

But along with the wonderful ability for content to bring your ideas and voice to life, and to connect you with others – it’s also a huge source of anxiety for creatives. It can be a challenge to figure out when your content is a “gift” that you’re sharing, and then when that content needs to get down to brass tacks and tell people how to hire or buy your product or service.

We want our course to help you tame your ideas, wrangle your words, make your messages more authentic, make you more buyable and hireable – and help you love your content (or at least love it more than you hate it).

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How You Can Take Our ECourse:
You can register on our Braid ECourse page. This is also where you can watch our introduction video and learn a bit more about the four-part lesson topics that make up the course. 

Once you register you’ll be able to access all lessons of the course anytime during that week, and at your own pace – either all at one time or split up however best fits your schedule.  We’ll also be providing worksheets you can download throughout the lessons. And Kathleen and I will even be taking you through some video exercises, too!

We can’t wait for this content that we’ve created to get out there and start helping you creative people. Go to our Braid ECourse page to find out all the details and register. 



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