Thanks November


In November we made our first dollar. It started with the two of us deciding to get serious about tracking clients-to-be. It just seemed like the responsible business-like thing to do (it can’t always be fun and games and face paint around here). Tara and I, being the visual gals we are, decided the chalkboard wall would be a perfect place to start documenting this info – chalk dust and all. And did the dust fly! We chalked out 15 empty spaces for 4th quarter customers and speaking gigs. It was a little daunting staring at those blank spaces but the universe clearly abhors a vacuum because we filled 10 of those spaces within a week.

Braid's First Dollar
And with that we made our first dollar. We spent our November slammed and grateful for a chalkboard full of clients - you see, as agency trained creatives there is kind of a friendly familiarity in the mad dash between deadlines. And there is loads of comfort in creating, writing, designing and storytelling for other people.

By the time Thanksgiving rolled around we had more than just green bean casserole to be thankful for.

Kathleen & Tara’s November:
• Kathleen spoke at AIGA about the Culture of Creativity in Oklahoma
• Tara reveals that everybody is creative (but shhh... don’t tell the “creatives”)
• Dan Roam read our review of his book and said this on Twitter:
I am stunned and speechless (sorry Mr. Fox, words fail) that @BraidCreative would put such effort into a book review.
• After a hearty thanksgiving lunch we thought we would go for a nice ride in a kayak - then we rolled into the freezing lake!
• Kathleen modeled for SHOPGOOD’s holiday lookbook (P.S. Watch this video about being a designer / model.)
• We went from having 100ish Pinterest followers to almost 600! (You can follow us too - or let us know if you need an invitation to join yourself).

Elsewhere in November:
• Speaking of Pinterest - check out this article about small businesses attracting fans and customers using niched social networks instead of just the classics (like FB and Twitter).
• Rainbow Parade - we fell in love with color-loving Brooklyn designer and vintage clothing crusader Jessi Arrington (see her TED talk about it here). We also love how she follows up her speaking gigs, like at Creative Mornings NY, with a rainbow parade down the street!
• Wayne Geyer’s No Cilantro page made me laugh (check out the rest of his site too - he helps designers who want to become better copywriters).

Dang, Is It December?
Next month we’re really looking forward to sharing a lot of the branding work we’ve been shaping as of late. You know, earning that dollar! But we’re also excited to blog more about a different kind of shaping – how we’ve been helping other creative professionals weave method into their madness and focus their vision.  Strangely, chalk helps.

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