Stellar Content for Small Business. A Review of Launch.


So say you’re in “must-grow-business” mode and a new book titled Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition pops up in your browser. The author is the creator of the most popular social media marketing web site around, and to top it all off the cover art looks like an intro to Star Trek. If you’re having a rare non-skeptical moment like me, you say “yes, click, buy.” Or in the words of star ship captain Jean Luc Picard “make it so.” While Launch author Michael Stelzner would simply say “release the content.”

Launch by Michael Stelzner Book Review

On a scale from one to ten, I’d give Launch a solid nine. But it might just be because my timing – reading Launch while actually launching a small branding business. Plus, already being an active content creator and sharer of articles, photos, and video in places like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo – made Stelzner’s book more like clarifying advice.

Stelzner’s book is as much about creating great content as it about going where – well, actually thousands of people have gone before – the final frontier of social media marketing. He uses case studies, tips and personal experience to prove that making your content as helpful, engaging and far away from advertising as possible is what will make the difference between going warp speed and being stuck in space dock. By the way, Stelzner has much less, if any, actual Star Trek analogy in his book. I just can’t help myself!

Stelzner’s Launch Theory At A Glance
Make Your Own Rocket Fuel: That’s your useful, original, helpful, and non-salesy content that you write, create videos about, or have someone create for you.
Make Fuel With Experts, Too: Collaborate with experts that compliment, complete or just plain jive with your expertise. That means interview them, or write for them, or vice-versa.
Avoid Gravity Drag: Apparently the “drag” is in-your-face, old school marketing that can actually slow you down because it puts people off your content, which is bad since ultimately...
People Push The Pedal: Other people will determine how fast your fuel can take you. They choose to consume your fuel (a.k.a. content), share it, and propel your rocket ship forward.

Now, I just have to say, in Star Trek there wouldn’t be a pedal or even fuel, more like a lever thingy with all these multicolored blinking lights and some giant core down in engineering powered by, er, awesome sound effects. So feel free to imagine that, too. Either way, check out Launch, it’s a fast read and can help give your content-creating strategy some focus.

What’s a small business or branding book you’ve meaning to read but just haven’t gotten around to? Or, more importantly, who’s your favorite Star Trek captain?

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