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You know how in eighties teen movies it’s all about class division? It’s always which side of the tracks you’re from – if you wear diamond earrings or just one earring, if you wear tennis whites or a pizza place apron.  In these movies the locals are always called townies or goonies (maybe that was just in Goonies), and as a kid it’s always clear who you should be rooting for. So of course our generation would grow up and start a new kind of local revolution, the small independent local business. And let’s just say, Kathleen and I have picked our side of the tracks.

Braid Speaking to the Locals

Braid Speaking to the Locals

Taking notes

This is Kathleen and I speaking to the locals a couple weeks ago – a group of Oklahoma City independent small business owners gathered by local indie retail expert Allison Barta Bailey. They included Shop Good, Blue Seven, Collected Thread, Green Bambino and Keep It Local OK, to name a few.

Part of our branding talk is about these independents embracing their own special niche – their own kind of “weird” as marketing guru Seth Godin would say. The second part is recognizing their specific dream customer, their “people” – their own gang of goonies as little Mikey would say with a twinkle in his eye and a dramatic hit off his asthma inhaler.

Now, while this talk was in one of our favorite local districts here in the OKC – proximity to Kathleen and I (as much as we’d love to claim our own gravitational pull) does not necessarily define the only kind of locals we’re speaking to. We work with small microbusinesses from Seattle to New York.

So really it’s more like “hooray for the creative independents!” Local appeal is just sometimes a natural overlap. So here’s to finding the people who dig what you’re laying down and will cross the tracks to get to it.  Tennis whites be damned.

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