Shared Workspace Music Sanity And Spotify


Last week we were comparing Instagram and Pinterest. This week we’re comparing Spotify and... well, our well-loved but quickly growing stale iTunes playlists. When you share a small office space like ours, shared music has to strike just the right mood. Kind of like when you walk into a store and the music makes you want to buy everything so in some warped illogical way, you can be amazing, like the music. I also want to eat scented candles, because I feel I am not fully experiencing them, so it’s a thing. Sensory confusion aside, if you choose to play music out loud in your shared creative office space (see our post Headphones or Not?) give Spotify a try. If it’s an old hat to you, then you are hipper than us. Carry on.

Our designer Kristin actually introduced us to the world of Spotify, oh, right about when we decided we could only listen to M83 so many times. So after firmly wearing out both mine and Kathleen’s playlists, Kristin recommended (poor girl) this music streaming service brought to us by the Swedes. You can browse music by artist, album, record label, and/or genre. Oh, and it’s completely free.

At first Spotify can be slightly overwhelming. With just about every artist at your fingertips it is hard to decide where to start. It took us a while to find our good-music-happy-place. But after just listening to Spotify’s “indie radio station” we found a band called The Cults and now we just have a radio station based off of them. Every once and awhile we will switch it up and play something else, but for the most part we stick with the radio station options. 

Another great (and kinda creepy) thing about Spotify is it imports your iTunes library and seems to play things based off of your own personal taste.  So M83 still pops up, but now we remember why we liked them in the first place, and then move on – shared sanity intact.

Good Stuff About Spotify 
1. vast music library
2. compensates the artists so it is completely legal 
3. free with some ads (or you can pay for the service with no ads)
4. play any band as a “radio station” and it will play similar artists

5. the mobile app just went free

The downside to Spotify? Currently to create an account, you have to do it through your Facebook account and profile.

Do you use Spotify? Or prefer another streaming services? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

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