Say What You Mean and Do What You Love


If you read our blog through an RSS feed or straight from your email inbox you may not have noticed a few changes that have taken place on the Braid website. 

The most meaningful one being that we have decided to say what we mean and do what we love. Our header used to say “Braid Creative & Consulting weaves authenticity.” It was our way of being vague enough to be anything to anyone. But with almost a year under our belt we’ve recognized that we don’t want to be everything to everyone. We’ve been surprised by our passion for business visioning and planning. Our style of branding is most brilliant when intertwined with the vision, too. And what we’re really best at, is doing this for our dream customers – who happen to be small microbusinesses and creative entrepreneurs like us. 

So we’re putting on our big girl pants and saying what we mean: 
Braid Creative & Consulting is branding and visioning for creative entrepreneurs

It’s as simple as that. (It gets a little more difficult when you have to say “no” to new business - but we’re staying brave in our decision to narrow in). We were recently excited to see a huge company that we use as a tool in our business go through a rebrand to say what they mean out of a passion for doing what they love too. That company is FreshBooks. 


I’ve been using FreshBooks since I decided to quit my nine-to-five two years ago and needed a system for invoicing clients. It’s a super simple, uncomplicated way for a right-brained artistpreneur like myself to not get into a total mess when it comes to the left-brained side of running your own business. But I was using FreshBooks for more than just invoicing - it kind of became my accountant. And apparently 5 million other people were using it as an accounting tool to track income, expenses, profits and loss too. 

So FreshBooks listened and decided to move forward by narrowing in on the needs of its core client base: service-based entrepreneurs. They’re saying what they mean and doing what they love: from now on FreshBooks is Cloud Accounting. 

Here’s an excerpt from the letter I received announcing the rebrand.
Does this mean FreshBooks is going to become complicated and bloated, trying to serve every kind of business and be all things to all businesses? No. We believe that in trying to serve everyone, you serve no one. We also believe that service-based businesses – people who get paid for their time and expertise – are the future of the economy. We know these businesses have unique needs that are hugely underserved, and we believe that the entrepreneurs who work hard every day to secure our economic future – by applying their time and expertise to other people's problems – deserve cloud accounting purpose built for them.

So FreshBooks is not designed for everyone, nor will it be – we are going to stay focused on service-based businesses. So if you run a restaurant, or have complex inventory needs – you may enjoy using FreshBooks, but it's not purpose built for you. But if you are a lawyer, a marketing or advertising agency, a plumber, an interior decorator, an IT professional, a therapist, an architect, a web professional – if you create value for your customers by applying your time and expertise to other people's problems – FreshBooks is designed for you.

Saying what they mean: check.
Not being everything to everyone: check.
Doing what they love: check. 

I imagine it was a scary and bold move for such a large company to narrow in - but an inspiration for their now defined dream customer - the little guys like us. 

What is it you really want to say? Are you doing what you love? Let us know on Facebook. 

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