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I just finished reading the ebook, Reverb. Kathleen has been more than just a bit fascinated with its author, Gwen Bell, for a while now and told me I should read it.  Bell speaks, writes and consults all over the world – uh, and lives out of one bag! So of course she seems right up Kathleen’s alley. As in, Kathleen does hot yoga in the middle of work days and believes the universe is going to answer when she hollers out what she’s seeking.  I’m more... well, I can’t think of an opposite to hot yoga, but I still gave this quick read a go. And, uh, hello universe, as a creative entrepreneur who is constantly re-adjusting, refining and reality-checking my business and self (maybe rewriting to-do lists three times a day is the opposite of hot yoga), Reverb actually answered.

Gwen Bell Quote Halve Again

Gwen Bell Quote Amateurs / Professionals

Gwen Bell Quote lack of risk-taking

So, the act of “reverbing” is meeting the needs of people. People that you call customers, clients, readers, followers – what have you. These are just a few of Bell’s quotes that I found speaking to me as I read, based on my experience, but also the patterns we see with our clients.  

I think creative entrepreneurs in particular can get overwhelmed by too many ideas and aren’t spending their time on the right things. I think creative entrepreneurs sometimes have confidence issues, especially when it comes to proving they are experts (I love the paying the bills quote) – and all people who work for themselves have to constantly balance risk and comfort. Can you have both? If you haven’t done a little self-help/business-advice reading as of late, Bell provides a nice modern digital-age spin to all her writing. In fact, I think I might check out her previous offering, Digital Warriorship: Discover Your Purpose on The Web.  Kathleen will have to refresh me on the warrior pose. That’s a thing, right? A yoga thing?

One interesting thing Gwen Bell does, is she actually takes comments from readers of her book and then goes back, updates the ebook, so it’s more of a living document. Then she probably has to do laundry, since she only has one bag. Laundry, yoga, or reverbing – tell us what you think on Facebook.

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