Pinterest as an Idea Vault


Pinterest as an idea vault

Earlier this week I talked about how to set up your very own Pinterest account, and today I want to go a little deeper as to why you should be pinning.

Michael Stelzner, of Social Media Examiner, says in his book Launch (which is a fantastic read, by the way): Ideas are out there, right in front of you ... You simply need to grab and store them. There’s a time and a place to execute great ideas. Likely, however, it’s not when you first discover them. And be forewarned: When ideas come your way they won’t stay for long … That’s why you need an idea vault – a place where your ideas can live and be easily fetched when needed.


Pinterest as an Idea Vault

Pinterest is just that - a visual, easy to access, idea vault. It’s not a file full of magazine clippings from 1995 that never sees the light of day.  And it’s not a good-intentioned, but often neglected and unorganized, folder hanging out on your desktop weakly labeled “Inspiration”. Pinterest is a perfect tool for marketing directors, freelancers, in-house designers, microbusinesses and artistpreneurs who are looking to capture ideas and organize the inspiration they come across in a digital, but not disposable, way.

The social media aspect of Pinterest keeps you engaged and coming back for more. And your pins patiently hang out, never collecting dust and gently reminding you they are there, until you’re ready to execute that delicious pumpkin muffin recipe, that chic monochromatic outfit, that crazy wall color (or two) and /or even your brand identity. And I bet, because of Pinterest, that execution happens sooner than later.

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