Our Signs Aligned


Halloween, in many ways, is like a year-end/year-beginning for Braid. It was right about this time last year that we had just begun our business and this journey. And back then we were looking for signs everywhere.  Could we be bold enough? Could we be brave enough? And would this ever get easier?

But this year, twelve months later, when Kathleen and I once again broke out the face paint and foraged in our closets to curate the perfect horoscope-inspired styling for our Halloween get-ups – gathering nets, and beads, and cowbells, and tentacles – we were doing it for more people than just ourselves. 

Kathleen The Bull Taurus

Kathleen The Bull Taurus Close Up

Tara The Crab Cancer

Tara The Crab Cancer Close Up

Our circle has expanded.  And we don’t just mean you, our new followers and dream clients. (But thankyou, thankyou. Because knowing who you truly are now, has helped us to stop looking for signs, and instead look for ways to share with you. So you can be bold and brave enough, too.)

Kristin The Fish Pisces

Kristin The Fish Pisces Close Up

Liz The Maiden Virgo

Liz The Maiden Virgo

But what I really mean, is that now Braid is not just a pair, but a circle – that includes our young Pisces designer, Kristin.  And now, Liz. (Not nearly as angelic as her Virgo harvest maiden sign implies, but a bringer of rich talents, style, and artistic “calm” aplenty). 

So while this year has taken every bit of energy and insight Kathleen and I had to give, as a bullish Taurus, and a crabby Cancer (see why we need the “calm”) – we will always have more to do, and more to share. And no, it will never get easier. 

But now we don’t have to do it alone.  Today our signs (and our stars) have aligned.

The behind-the-scenes of creating our horoscope-inspired costumes on Kathleen's blog here. 

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