Oh, Mr. Hallorann. Everybody Shines.


One of my favorite movie scenes is from The Shining, when very young Danny and good old Mr. Hallorann (the groundskeeper of one haunted beyond all heck hotel, The Overlook) sit down to “have some ice cream, Doc!” and talk about stuff like, oh, being telekinetic, and never, and I mean never, going into room 237!  I love this scene so much, that I quoted it whenever I had to give one of those inspirational quotes to go with my program bio in one of those a-type achievers under-a-certain age award events a couple years ago.  I wanted something unique like that, because I thought it was fitting for a “creative-type.” See, there usually aren’t a lot of “creatives” (that’s what we call ourselves, right) at these types of events, so you have to be sure you stand out among the corporates. You have to say, “whoa, there buddy. I’m different. I shine.” But I don’t know if I believe that anymore. I think those “non-creatives” are way more shiny than I’ve given them credit for. And if you are a creative professional like me – you should reconsider it, too – Doc!

“It’s just that some places
are like people.
Some shine –
and some don’t.”
What Mr. Hallorann (As Played By Scatman Cruthers) Has To Say About Shining

Alright, so my point is that Danny has a special gift. He can sense things others can’t, he can talk to his little imaginary friend-finger, and write Redrum on mirrors, and see freaky twin girls beckoning him to play with him forever and ever at the end of the hall. Mr. Hallorann has to educate him to how this all works, as he is a “shiner” himself.

But here’s the deal, once that hotel went full-on crazy, everybody was seeing those twins, right? I mean, it was less like shining and more like turning on the flood lights.

Everyone just had to get, well... warmed up, and exercise that “shining” part of their brain. I think designers and writers and photographers have mojo. Yes, they shine. But the mojo is just a small percentage of what makes them able to see things that other people think they can’t.  The rest is just existing in that creative state-of-mind more than other people and being expected to perform (daily) and get paid for it, doesn’t hurt, either.  

So what am I saying? We should all go full-on crazy? No. I just think creative professionals should consider tapping into the creativity of others they don’t label as “creative” – or, at least communicate with them better, because those are typically the same people (mentioned above) that are also paying. I’m writing about it in this month’s newsletter, where I also encourage those people who say “I’m not creative,” to exercise their creative muscle more with some simple exercises, in Everybody’s Creative. Just Don’t Tell The Creatives.

Tell us, when were you most taken a-back by the “shining” (and frankly, surprising) creativity of a client or coworker?

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