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Kathleen here. If you know me, you know I blog. I blog here on Braid Creative with my sister and business partner, Tara, and also over on my personal blog, &Kathleen. Some days it feels like my whole working day is filled with writing and planning posts. And I it like that way. Maybe you’d like it that way, too. Or perhaps you just want to dip your toe in the water of blogging.

Since “getting fit” is on everyone’s brain this time of year, why not your blog, too? The new year is a great time to shape up your blog content. But starting from scratch or simply wanting to focus and grow the blog (and audience) you’ve already got, can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Yet, if you feel the urgent need to do something about it, then you kind of already know what I’m about to tell you – that blogging is a great way to attract dream clients, prove your expertise, shape and share your ideas, and cultivate creativity, both personally and professionally. 

So whether you want to start a blog a-fresh, or just give the blog you’ve got a good shake-up and shape-up... it’s never too late to begin. Here are six ideas on how to start: 

1. Write about where you’re at. 
Lots of our clients want to blog (or refine their blog content) but don’t know where to begin. It’s tempting to over-explain and share your entire life story and professional experience right off the bat. But I always recommend that you start small. You’ll have years of blogging ahead of you to share bits and pieces of your story as you go. So one way to start blogging is to open a blank page and at the top write down this “What I really want to tell you is this …” and then simply start writing. Then hit publish. Rinse and repeat.  P.S. I’ve been blogging for years and use this technique when I feel at a loss of words. 

2. Share your gifts of knowledge. 
This includes how tos, DIYs, advice, and even inspiration that will leave your potential dream customer or a new fan respecting your expertise and wanting more. Some creatives are afraid that if they share too much of their process or services nobody will actually want to hire them but I have found again and again that the opposite is true. Try putting it all out there and I promise you’ll see a cash money return on your generosity.  
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3. Document your stories, aspirations, and purpose. 
Blogging isn’t just for your audience. It’s a place for you to share, express, and cultivate your own creative desires and passions. I’ve worked through some of my best business ideas and have really refined my point-of-view, personally and professionally, through blogging. 
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4. Get focused. 
If you could only have four categories for your blog what would they be? And what would some of the post titles or topics under each category be about? Or try this: write down all the topics you’re interested in sharing – this can be a total brain dump. Then bust out four highlighters (because I know you’re a highlighter junkie like we are) and start grouping subjects together by color. If you had to dump each color into a separate bucket what would you label each bucket? Those are your blogging categories. 

5. Find your frequency. 
Lots of our clients ask us how often they should be blogging. But it’s truly up to you. I recommend to most people who are new to blogging to start with once a week. If that feels good and you want to do more bump it up to twice a week. Or if you’re feeling spread thin and stressed out trying to create weekly content then try twice a month. The frequency of your posts doesn’t matter nearly as much as the consistency. 

6. If you don’t like writing... 
That’s okay! There are other ways to share content – designed images, a curated moodboard, photos, videos, and podcasts are great alternatives to writing. And it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can literally use your iPhone with apps like VSCO, 8mm, and iMovie to make some stylish photos and videos. 

What are some of your blogging insecurities? Or what do you love about blogging? Let’s continue the conversation on Facebook. 

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