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As Tara and I launched Braid we knew we had to have a solid social media plan in tact. We knew we should incorporate some of the big players like Twitter and Facebook in the mix - but we also wanted to go with some more niched routes like Vimeo (vs. the more prolific YouTube) and Pinterest. As we were brainstorming ideas on how to utilize and leverage our brand across these various social media platforms it helped us to think in metaphors.

Social Media High

So let’s pretend like internet-land is a highschool. We’ll call it Social Media High.
Our blog is like a classroom - good for capturing, shaping & sharing what we know and do.
Our newsletters are like the library - for when we have lots of information on one topic.
Twitter is the fun hallway chatter and often directs you from point A to point B.
Facebook is the cafeteria where you join friends in conversation, flirt with your very own Jordan Catalano, and where high fives are the equivalent of the “like” button.

And Pinterest? We thought of it more as a great tool for capturing inspiration but we weren’t quite sure where it fit in within our Social Media High metaphor.

Pinterest is more like the art room where kids who dress in colors of the rainbow, and collect weird (yet beautiful) things in their backpack, hang out. It turns out Pinterest is “our people” - we like it there. And the best part is - on Pinterest we’re not even trying to sell ourselves. It’s not the same kind of hustle and bustle that exists on Twitter and Facebook - over there we’re just quietly curating the contents of our backpacks - so it surprised us to look up and find other people were noticing. And sometimes even hiring us.

Braid Creative Pinterest Boards

This article on Mashable about using niche social media marketing gives the following tip: “Members of these communities won’t respond well to advertising messages; instead, take the time to understand the networks’ specific culture and then determine how to assimilate...” But I think it may be more authentic to “find your crowd” first and then figure out how to weave your business philosophy into that community in a genuine way.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a quote from Seth Godin’s newest book We Are All Weird:  "The community you choose can be a mirror and an amplifier, furthering your interests and encouraging you to push even further."

Do you have a niched social media community that pushes you further? Who is your crowd?

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