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One of the biggest struggles I see with creative entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) is they don’t know how to make money doing what they love. Or rather, the whole topic of money altogether makes them uncomfortable. I get it. When you bring in the kinds of good feelings that come with being creative, making things all day, and loving what you do – it feels as if the reward is in the work itself. You may feel like you don’t deserve to make income on top of feeling good. Or maybe you feel like your work is tainted or is less meaningful if money is involved. Or perhaps you’ve come from a mindset where money is straight up bad. Maybe money has always been a struggle or a seen as a necessary evil in your life. 

Kathleen here, and I’ve found the key to making money by doing what you love isn’t that complicated. First, you must have something to sell. Whether you’re selling a product or service, it should be something you believe in with your whole, creative, weirdly-you heart. Feeling like you’re wholy-great at this somethin’ somethin,’ or like you have the natural potential to be great at it in the not-too-distant future, doesn’t hurt either. Then you need a solid brand platform and position to sell your goods with confidence (psst… we can help you with that). But it can get a little trickier when it comes to having the right attitude. Your own inner weirdness around money can make or break your bottom line. 

So below I’m going to share four money-mojo tidbits that have helped me take the leap from day job, to freelancer, to successful business owner – all while feeding my family and feeding my creative soul.

We tend to think of money as good or bad because of the stories we associate with money. However, money itself is neutral. In other words, money doesn’t feel good or bad about itself. Money doesn’t consider itself a struggle or necessary evil. Money is just money. 

Try this: write down a few of your beliefs about money. Start by filling in the blank on the statement “Money is _______.” What kinds of money stories and attitudes have you inherited from family or even friends? Notice the kinds of feelings you associate with money. Are they good or bad? Are they true? 

One of the first ways you can start being okay with talking money is to shift your perspective around what money is. Have you ever really thought about what money really is? A $1 dollar bill and a $100 dollar bill are made of the exact same stuff but one is worth so much more. How and why? It’s because money is energy. The transaction of services or products for dollar bills is simply an exchange of energy. So how much energy are you putting into your work? If you love what you do, I bet you’re putting out a lot of energy – therefore, you deserve to be compensated (with cash) even more than you would working a job you hate! 

Try this: replace the word “money” with “energy” in your money stories and see how that feels. For example “I am a creative for a living – the reward is in the work so I don’t feel like I deserve to make money energy.” 

Every broke person I know is also completely out of touch with their money. Coincidence? I don’t think so. They’re scared to look at their bank account and hardly track income and expenses for their personal life and business. But guess what: your bank account is not the boogie man! If you don’t know where you’re at you won’t know what you need to do to get where you want to go. 

Try this: Take some time to look at your monthly income and expenses. Use tools like online banking,, and to track your personal and business expenses. Once you have a good idea of what your money picture is looking like set money goals for yourself. 

Our friend and Braid Method client Brené Brown says one of the best tools for shining light on the shame shadows are our words. So if you have shame issues around money one of the best things you can do is talk about it. Words are powerful – so when you can articulate how much money you would like to make, and how you would like to feel about money, you’re one step closer to making those desires a reality. 

Also, don’t be afraid to talk money with your clients. Bring it up early in the conversation so it doesn’t become the elephant in the room later. The more confident you can be (or at least act) about money the more reassured and willing your customers will be to hand it over to you. And please remember, as awesome as a potential client may be, if they can’t afford your services they probably aren’t a great fit. 

Try this: find someone you trust or hire a coach to talk money with. Find someone you admire for their attitude around money or ability to make money and ask them how they do it. 

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