Lego Apprentice: A Lo-Tech Training in Visual Storytelling Skills


What did we do over Labor Day weekend? Created a homemade Lego video, of course. The launch of our Braid site has stirred up lots of attention over the past week (thanks guys!) and Charlie, my seven-year old, is no exception. His favorite part of our site is the featured video. When I told him we shot it on my iPhone (a gadget that already inspires fierce brand loyalty in Charlie) he was stoked about making a lo-tech video of his own. 

We had already built these Lego houses the weekend before. So after holiday barbecue and hammock lounging, I thought it would be cool to shoot me and Charlie taking apart our Lego creations, and then run all the clips sped up in backwards order to tell a simple visual story of how they were constructed. This was just a quick afternoon project for fun, not for professional use (since Legos are highly trademarked and The Office theme music, Charlie’s own idea for the soundtrack, is dangerously unlicensed.)

But it reminded me of a TEDx OKC talk I attended earlier this year, where Jeff Sandefer, named by BusinessWeek as one of the top entrepreneurship professors in the United Staes, spoke on “Rethinking Schools, Genius and Heroes.” He posed the question of why we no longer apprentice our own children in our trade or craft?

I know that working in branding, design, writing, communicating – all those fields take a lot of creativity and sometimes there’s not a lot left for our offline and off-the-clock fans – but those are the very same skills that are the most fun to pass along.

So I promised Charlie that every time I make a video for Braid (be the lo-tech variety or our next beautifully-produced client brand video) that I would always make one with him, too. I might not always share here on the Braid blog, but you can probably catch one or two homemade creations on our Facebook or Vimeo page. Wonder what he’ll pick for the soundtrack next time?

We know a lot of you reading our blog right now are creative types too. Comment below with ways you are sharing your craft with interns, colleagues or apprentices of your own.


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