Leap year day is the best. Think about it - a whole extra 24 hours to do whatever you want. What immediately comes to mind for me (and my 8-year-old self) is recreating scenes from Home Alone where McCauley Caulkin goes crazy with all his new found freedom - complete with eating an oversized bowl of ice cream while watching black & white gangster movies and cleaning out my belly button with a q-tip. But the more grown up me is fantasizing about soaking up some of this unseasonably warm weather we’re having here. In this fantasy I’m on a patio with a cup of coffee and a legal pad reflecting on six months of creative entrepreneurship with Tara. We’re chatting and taking notes on where we’ve been and where we’re going next. In short, we’d be doing our Past Present Future brand exercise.

But here at Braid we’re excited to have a whole extra day of leaping head first into work because boy, are we busy as ever. In fact, this morning we rolled out a brand we’ve spent months developing for a 100+ employee company. And this afternoon we’re finalizing a web design and brand video we produced for an international tech startup. The universe continues to fill our chalkboard with a variety of creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As this full day comes to a close we’ll be taking a big leap into March. You see, we have big plans for March which include doing the Braid Method on ourselves to identify our dream customer and narrow in on our niche - the small and the weird. The people like us who are brave enough to take leaps of their own - any day of the year.

In February:
• We got to work with dream customer Allison Barta Bailey to help her uncover her own authentic brand
• We shared what a day in the life of Braid looks like with a short documentary by artistpreneur Rory Gordon
• Tara dug through her costume closet and found a Time Machine
• We helped you find clarity and courage to leap forward by looking back with our Past Present Future brand exercise

Elsewhere in February:
• One of my favorite bloggers, The Jealous Curator, has released more dates & locations for her Girl Crush Tea Party art workshop - we want to go!
• I break down my secrets to working with printers in my Freelance Matters series over on my lifestyle blog
• I saw the guys from G.F.D.A. speak at AIGA and developed a bit of a design crush
• One of my favorite local artsits, Jabee, hosted the ADDYS here and it was awesome. He's taking a leap of his own - help him with his Kickstarter project here.

Braid Method Branding for Creatives ECourse

The Braid Method Branding ECourse is for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to support themselves financially with their business, create a blog or consistent online presence, and finally turn the work they’re already doing into a digital product, package, or offering for dream customers. This branding ecourse comes with 7 learning modules in a 300+ page digital download, a workbook with 20+ branding exercises and scripts, a quarterly masterclass, and an exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with us and other students.



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