Invite A Left Brainer To Your Next Brainstorm


When planning a brainstorm, there are certain supplies that always make the ideas flow a little more readily – Sharpies, dry erase markers, notepads, crunchy-salty-sweet snacks – and in the movies, a small bouncy ball to throw against the wall and catch as you come up with the big idea.  The ideal attendee list is typically made up of creative types (though we talk about the unpleasant side effects of the “creative” label in this month’s article here).

So we challenge you to include someone in your next pow-wow that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered – a logical, colors-inside-the-lines, rule-following (and erroneously labeled) “non creative.” Invite a true left-brainer.

Invite a left-brainer to your next creative brainstorm.The beauty of inviting these logical, linear thinkers – especially in a brainstorming or fact-finding scenario – is that they don’t feel the pressure to perform, to come up with the brilliant idea, to be expected to be creative. Not to be crude (you know, if your visual right-brain goes there) a lot of times “creatives” can get all performance-anxiety in front of each other. Anew person in the mix who can just as surprisingly come up with really creative ideas, gives the other brains a chance to have an idea bounced off them for a change, rather than always being the ones throwing them out there.

So ask someone unexpected to be your guest. (Like those bumper stickers that say “invite someone to church today!”) And remember, creativity loves constraint. If there are rules to follow and sharp angles to navigate around, it forces us to be more inventive.

Now, if brainstorming isn’t a typical part of your day, there’s a takeaway to be had here, as well. We all have meetings, right? If someone you consider only interested in black and white, or numbers and facts is sitting at the table across from you – don’t let out an internal groan of despair. Just think of them as your left-brain compliment. And hey, look there! They like crunchy-salty-sweet snacks, too. Go figure.

Which are you? Left brain or right? Or are you a perfect (salty-sweet) balance of both?

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