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Earlier this week we talked about using Pinterest as a niche social media marketing platform - but today I want to show you how we use Pinterest as a tool for capturing inspiration. Tara and I are very methodical.  A very specific part of our method is capturing inspiration and sharing it with the people we are working with – way before we get to the “end” of our branding recommend. So we use Pinterest to collect and curate visual inspiration. And we do it for every one of our projects.

Here’s an example of an inspiration board we did for Leo & Kat Evidente, a couple of artistpreneurs in Ventura, California making a go at capturing artistic yet authentic wedding photography for modern couples.

Leo Evidente Inspiration BoardHere we were inspired by mid-century modern furniture, music and vintage lion sculptures - as well as the color stories found in Leo Evidente’s photography.  

Leo Evidente Photographers Logo
Here is how that inspiration transformed into a logo execution.

How we create our inspiration boards, is we make a visual collage using this found inspiration, combined with snapshots we capture ourselves from our Field Study (including The Start Deck) with our clients. And there’s always words and phrases that come to the surface that are layered in.

The cool thing about the “checking in” with these inspiration boards, is that the final brand design is always a natural next step. So yeah, we don’t quite get that dramatic Don Draper big reveal - but we do get a satisfied client that feels like we really “get them.”

And we’re not just going through this process with artistpreneurs and microbusinesses. When Doug Bannister and his team over at The Stamp Store, an established decorative concrete business, contacted us to brand their new product line, SS Specialties... yep, they got a Pinterest board, too.  Because we used the exact same method. Just a different end result, obviously.

Here’s what their inspiration board looked like:
SS Specialties Inspiration Board
SS Specialties is inspired by clean and modern brands but their space is full of warmth and Santa Fe details.

When we shared this creative direction with SS Specialties they voiced their opinions - they liked the idea of the compass but didn’t want something busy or antiquated on their final logo. Here’s how the final execution came out:
SS Specialties Logo
They loved that the final logo is something that could be executed both in print, on packaging labels and on a concrete floor and that it was new but was still “them.” We loved gleaning inspiration from a site like Pinterest, but also sharing our inspiration with them along the way.

How do you feel about sharing works in progress? Do you like to be completely finished before you show & tell? Or do you like sharing a rough vision first?

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