How to Find Your Creative Community


Back in the day, the word “community” would really annoy me. Nowadays I can see this unreasonable irritation stemmed from two places within me:  1. I didn’t really have a creative community that I belonged to; and 2.) I didn’t know how to find my community or what community was even supposed to look like. 

Kathleen here. I’ve been offering a free thirty-minute creative coaching session to our Braid ECourse students as they finish up our week long courses. The number one questions I’ve been asked for coaching around is “How do I create community?” This question intimidates me because up until recently I’ve always felt like such an outcast. Growing up in school I was always voted “most non-conformist.” So for me community looked like the popular kids’ table at lunch. They were nice enough, but there was never an extra seat for me. Fortunately, I’m no longer in high school and since starting my own business I have given more thought to what community looks like, and where I belong. I want to share with you what I know about community and finding your tribe. 

When most people think of community they tend to imagine an extended network of like-minded people working together to collaborate and exchange ideas. Finding this group of people can feel overwhelming and near impossible. So start with just one person. Invite an acquaintance you admire to coffee or happy hour. During your meeting make it your goal to help that person – either by introducing them to someone new or pointing them towards a new blog, podcast, or expert they might like to follow. If you guys hit it off a second date is sure to follow – the next time invite a third person to join. Before you know it your tribe will expand and you’ll start a tight-knit community. And P.S. this can all happen over video chat if you’re not in the same city. 

It’s as simple as showing up. In other words, pull up your own seat to the table, put on a smile, and strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. A great way to show up is to invest in conferences, clubs, and masterminds to belong to. If you can find a way to speak at some of these events, even better. Some other ways to show up is to get out of your home office – join a collaborative work space or hit up your local coffee shop where other creatives are working. This will open you up to conversations with people who could very well be a part of your tribe one day.

Sound intimidating? In this week’s Letter for Creatives I’m going to be sharing my biggest secret weapon for striking up conversation with strangers I want to get to know better. Subscribe to get those Letters here. 

Have an opinion and share it. Start a blog – write and hit publish with frequency and consistency. But more importantly, start commenting with meaningful and thoughtful insights or questions on the blogs you read. Stop being a silent observer and become more active on your favorite social media outlet. Don’t think of it as a waste of time but as an investment in the community you want to be a part of. If you don’t feel like you have a point-of-view to contribute to the bigger conversation, simply get curious. Asking questions is a great way to be a part of a conversation without making it all about yourself. 

Finding your tribe is going to take a little bit of effort, confidence, commitment, consistency and persistence. For me it took years of feeling like a bit of a loner before I looked up and stopped taking for granted the connections that were right in front of my face. Don’t forget to sign up for our Letters for Creatives to learn my secret to exuding confidence when you’re trying to connect with your tribe-to-be. 

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