Headphones Or Not?


Music is linked to creativity, right? Filling our head with our favorite tunes is how many creative professionals get in the zone. But how often are we plugging into our creative source versus just blocking everyone else out?  The truth is that headphones accomplish both, and that’s cool... or is it? So perhaps the creative debate isn’t if you prefer ear plugs or oversized bass-thumping mustard yellow hipster headphones, but instead when is it appropriate to plug in or not?

But how can you be productive with noise pollution interrupting your flow?  That’s the biggest pro for headphones, especially in open workspaces. But how often are your headphones your subliminal (or blaring) creative message to everyone else (like those pesky non-creatives) to stay out of your space and your head. Are you abusing your headphone usage like a sulky teenager posting a giant “keep out” sign on their bedroom door?  So a con to your favorite headgear is that creativity is as much about collaboration and communication as it is about getting in the zone, and keeping your brilliant brain under lock and key can be counterintuitive.

I asked our friend James Harber, creative director of Studio FJ website design shop in Oklahoma City, what his headphone policy is around the office.  His biggest frustration is having to wave down a team-mate like an air traffic controller just to have a discussion. So his unofficial rule? The half-of/half-off.  That means cocking your headphones to the side so one ear is always uncovered. Plus it’s kind of jaunty.

So we want to hear your weigh-in on this heady (wink) issue. What’s your headphone policy?

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