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Get specific about your goals & dreams

The number one problem I’ve found with creatives who are unsatisfied, and can’t seem to find the dream they’re supposed to be living – is that they’re not getting specific enough. Their vision of a well-designed life is made up of vague words and little to no action.

Tara here. I love when Kathleen wrote that. It’s just the kind of love-it-or-hate-it statement she would make, throwing down the gauntlet to creative entrepreneurs (or aspiring-to-be’s) who aren’t really saying what they need to be saying – especially to themselves.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say “yep, I tend to not get as specific about my ‘wants’ as I could,” even though I help our clients get incredibly specific and clear in their own business vision and brand messaging – it’s harder to point the wand at yourself. So I feel you, if it feels scary to get specific.

Kathleen first wrote about getting specific when she started coaching creatives about their fears, dreams and vision. She shared a lot of the tools and insights she developed on her personal blog,, which has always been her “experimental ground” for sharing what’s she’s up to in her personal and professional life.

Since then, we created a whole lesson in our Braid ECourse dedicated to getting specific, have given workshops and talks around this powerful tool, and it’s still one of the attributes of Kathleen’s that I admire the most: “Oh man, that’s my sister’s super-power! Getting specific and making decisions!”

So even if you’ve read this post before, or heck, done the Braid ECourse worksheets around getting specific about your fears and dreams – we wanted to share it again – as you, and we, wrap up a year of working hard, continue to tackle what’s next, and make our (specific!) visions real.


“Get specific!”

Kathleen here. Let’s say you want to be passionate and inspired. Then get specific. Describe to me what a passionate and inspired person looks like. How do they behave? How do they move through their day from start to finish?

Or let’s say you want to write more. Awesome. Get specific. What are you writing about? Are you on a laptop or pushing pen to paper? Are you in a coffee shop or a quiet reading nook? Do you have a hot cup of tea or perhaps some whiskey on the rocks accompanying you? Are you journaling? Blogging? Or starting on the next great American novel?

Maybe you just want to be able to pay the bills doing what you love. Get specific about your expenses and how much income you need to make. What will it cost to quit your day job? Or how much do you need to save up to take a month to work on only your own projects? Look at the numbers and do the math.

Or I bet you want to travel more. Where do you want to go? What will you pack? Look at a map and pick a destination. Then look at your calendar and block off time, even if it’s a year in advance and maybe improbable, to take the holiday of your dreams. Browse plane tickets and start researching hotels / campgrounds / hostels. Pretend like you’re about to go on this trip for real.

Dreams don’t happen. They’re made. But first you have to get specific about what that dream looks like.

Here are just a few things I do to get specific when I’m feeling unclear:
• Start a Pinterest board to start bringing texture, color, shape, and form to your vision. (You can follow me & the Braid crew on Pinterest here).
• Try our Ideal Day exercise to really think about what you want to be doing all day.
• Do just one small thing each day that feels dreamy. Be sure to take a mental note and say “I’m living the dream when I _________.”


So I want to know – what’s one specific thing that you want to start doing to make work & life a little more dreamy? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

Get specific about your next step

Tara here. Told you it was a good one! Look for more work/life blend posts coming from Braid as we head into the New Year! If you like “Get Specific,” you may just completely fall in love with our Braid ECourse. Lesson One of the ecourse is all about getting specific so that you can clearly define your fears and dreams before you move forward with anything else. Many of our ecourse students have found huge clarity just from this lesson alone! You can sign up for the ecourse or get a free sample to download here.

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