Get Comfortable In Your Creative Entrepreneur Skin


Tara here. Not all of us were born this way, came out of college this way, or even came out of our 9-to-5: ready for our closeup, ready to blog, ready to start our own business, ready to take on the world. A lot of us were just happy to be creatives with a fair shot of getting paid for what we do in a regular ol’ job, that still felt pretty dang special because at least we could be creative. Who cared if we could be ourselves, have a purpose, or even knew what a personal brand was – let alone need one. 

If you asked me what my personal brand was ten years ago, I would have thought of the movie Heathers, and how each Heather in the clique had a signature color that she would wear from her scrunchy down to the color of her croquet ball. In fact I declared that green was my signature color back in the ninth grade, and it stuck for the whole year – green tights, green faux marbled watch, green suede buckled flats, green little blazer with a peplum on the back. There was of course a darker takeaway from the movie, but the color thing is what stuck.

I think teens like me, who wanted to be special, but didn’t quite want to push the boundaries to the point of rebel – liked having a way to add this outer layer of “how I’m different” but still  feel comfortable in their own skin underneath it all. Why do you think the safely subversive Hot Topic stores took off like crazy at the turn of our century?

Fast forward to today, and it took me a while to get comfortable in my own skin as my own boss, to find that purpose within, and to curate that outer layer. But part of being in business and staying in business on your own terms is hinged on having a personal brand.

As a creative entrepreneurs in a wave of working for yourself, making your mark online, declaring your signature style, and explaining why to hire or buy you – most of us wish there was a store that we could go to and just pick out the crazy (but not too crazy) ensemble that would express who we are, but still feel special – different. Like us!

Where we could walk in and say: “ooh, I’ll take that logo, that website home page, that awesome photo, and this quote that declares my intent and is totally going to get repinned like crazy!”

But we know we better now. We know our purpose and our personal brand comes from within, and outer layer comes from curating a mix of sources, experiences and styles – not just one color. 

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