Don't Aim to Inspire


I recently read an article that said something like 92%* of first graders, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, respond with “famous.” They don’t necessarily care about how they achieve that fame – whether it’s as an actor, the president, a professional athlete … they just want to be famous. (*I have no idea what the actual percentage was but it was alarming.) 

So yeah, it’s pretty disturbing that we’re bringing up kids who value fame and recognition over talent, grit, skill, and smarts. But this post isn’t going to address how we solve that problem. This post is about how I’m seeing the exact same desire for recognition happen with aspiring creative entrepreneurs. Here’s how I’m seeing this show up for well-meaning creatives: 

“I want to inspire others to create and live an authentic life.” 

“I want to inspire people to not give up.” 

“I want to inspire and empower women to be brave…” 

I get it, because... “me too.” However, inspiring others shouldn’t be the goal in and of itself. Fame, recognition, money (as much as I condone getting paid), and even something as noble as inspiring others shouldn’t be the thing that drives you to do what you do. If it is, you’ll never measure up and you’ll always be chasing a moving target. 

So what I propose instead is that you capture, shape, and share whatever it is that you want to do and then be the best at it every single day. When you share who you are and go full force with the things that really light you up – that’s when you’ll inspire others. When you can package up what you do best in a way that people know how to buy – that’s when you’ll make money. And when you make waves in someone else’s life – that’s way more rewarding than whatever your perception of fame may be. 

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