Designing The Dream Job


It’s pretty easy to assume that a creative person working for themselves has a dream job, right? I mean, you get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and make things with your hands all day in a sun-flooded studio, right? It’s a nice vision but it doesn’t paint an accurate picture of what the day-in-the-life of a creative entrepreneur really looks like. 

Kathleen here. Last week I shared my own struggles with not always loving my job in our Letters for Creatives (here’s a sneak peek if you don’t already receive these exclusive newsletters to your inbox). In fact, most creatives I know aren’t entirely satisfied working for themselves because it turns out building the dream job can be hard work. And it’s not always fun. So as promised here are a few ideas on how to love being your own boss: 

1. Be Yourself 
I see lots of creatives quit their day jobs only to continue to follow the day job rules. If you are concerned that what you blog about or how you wear your hair will affect your bottom line then you’re probably still playing someone else’s game. What are some ways you could blend the personal into the professional? For me it was overhauling my wardrobe and ditching all the “professional” attire that didn’t reflect my style. (You can read more about attracting dream customers by being yourself over on my personal blog.)

2. Cultivate Your Core Genius 
If you are a solopreneur it is likely that you have to wear many hats – from keeping the books to answering email inquiries to running errands. But what is your core genius? That is where your true talent and expertise lies. And it’s where the majority of your attention should be. Be warned: sometimes the busy work can make you feel productive, like you’re putting in a hard day’s work, but what it’s really doing is distracting you from your core genius. 

3. Delegate 
So to cultivate your core genius you have to find someone else to wear all the other hats necessary for running a successful business. But delegating isn’t always easy. Not only can it be expensive to hire help, it can be hard to let go of control – especially if you’re a Type A creative who likes to procrastinate and work under the gun at the last minute (sound familiar?). Delegating is a skill that takes organization and practice, so try starting small. For example, try hiring a virtual assistant or part-time intern to conquer just a couple of tasks.

4. Pay Yourself 
A dream job isn’t going to feel dreamy if you don’t pay yourself. I want you to physically write yourself a check from your business account and go deposit it into your personal account. (Okay, you can probably do an electronic transfer but there is something magical, it not quaint, in writing yourself an actual check.) 

5. Practice Gratitude 
This is a big one. It can be easy to get in a tizzy over the stuff that can be hard about running your business and fail to recognize that you are already living the dream. In fact, just yesterday Tara and I were getting all worked up over our taxes when we paused to acknowledge that we’re paying a lot of taxes because we have a successful business with each other. It turns out our problem was something to be grateful for.

Finally, these are just starting points for designing your dream job. But reading them isn’t enough. You have to practice living the dream daily to make it so. If you need help identifying your core genius, or even finding time to be grateful you might be interested in my DIY Coaching for Creatives email series. It’s just $40 for 4 weeks of content designed to help you live the dream delivered straight to your inbox. Learn more and see if DIY Coaching is a fit for you here. 

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