Dealing With Uncertainty for Creative Entrepreneurs


After working with hundreds of creatives – many still working day jobs – I can say with certainty that uncertainty is the feeling we all struggle with the most. In fact, some of us would rather work an unfulfilling day job, earning a fraction of what we could make on our own for work that doesn’t feed our soul, just so we don’t have to deal with uncomfortable feelings of uncertainty. Uncertainty asks us questions like “What about health insurance?” and “Will you be able to pay your mortgage?” or “How can you ever actually get paid to do the work you want to do?” 

Even those of us who have made the leap and have proven ourselves successful still struggle with uncertainty. Uncertainty might say things like “There are only so many people who will hire you.” and “That worked last year, but are you sure it will work this time around?” or “Are you sure you have what it takes to level up?” 

Even the most confident creatives you know question their own path from time to time. I know I do – but I don’t let it stop me. Here’s what I do to deal with uncertainty: 

Every Sunday evening I start to feel a little anxious about the upcoming week. I suppose because I know I’m about to start the work but I’m not quite working yet. This kind of anxiety likes to keep company with uncertainty – so on Sunday evenings I’m not only thinking about the week ahead and all the work, but I start doubting my abilities to conquer what lies ahead. 

Then Monday morning rolls around and I get out of my head and into my work. All The Stuff I have to do no longer feels so heavy once I’m able to dig in and get my hands dirty. Plus, I have deadlines to meet and goals to reach – so I don’t have the time or energy to contemplate my path (and the uncertainty that surrounds it) because there is work to be done. 

Getting to work is easy – setting down my path, one foot in front of the other is a daily discipline that looks like opening up my laptop, typing on the keyboard, Skyping with clients, and having coffee with creative colleagues. Having faith that heading down this path is going to get me closer to a roster full of dream clients with cash, a best-selling book deal, a calendar full of speaking gigs, and digital products that produce lots of passive income isn’t always so easy. 

What I’ve learned about having faith in your path is that it simply comes down to a daily choice to believe in what you’re doing. Your choice to believe in your path will drive you to make actions that produce results. It’s as simple as that. 

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