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The style of this Monscierge video (white, clean & business-time) is not for everyone. Just like our Braid video about our Austin adventure complete with a cow giving birth is not for everyone. Yet, ironically our Monscierge clients (these really creative smart guys who are going to take over the world some day) love that dang “cow video.” But regardless if cowboy boots or business suits set the tone for the day, we love creating brand videos. Short of actual one-on-one exposure to your product or experience they are the most effective way to get across the essence of your brand. 

With a company like Monscierge, a brand video is a bit less about the emotion (or cows) and more about educating the viewer on how their product works and what the heck they are . In a nutshell, Monscierge is a technology for hotels that empowers guests to connect with a local experience.  But how we choose to convey that “nutshell” information with words, music, atmosphere and styling is how to create a brand experience while explaining at the same time.

As for the behind-the-scenes of a Braid video shoot? Well it involves a lot of prep, teamwork, hard work, but also (usually Kathleen-instigated) hijinx – and it’s one heck of a way to spend a day.

Monscierge Behind the Scenes

Kathleen and Monscierge

Being on a video shoot with Kathleen is like having a really fun, kind of a little bit crazy, almost can’t stop herself from pushing the talent aside and jumping in front of the lens (which she has been known to do) creative director on location. Her laugh can be heard ringing loud and clear across the set.  She is a breath of fun for clients and crew alike during what can be a grueling fast-paced schedule. On this day it was when she reenacting a scene from Titanic by perilously perching on the corner of a four story high glass balcony above a river below with her arms stretched wide (our shoot locale for Monscierge was a glass tower boathouse).  Then she’ll switch to her game face to swoop in and make a split second, unwavering decision about the angle of a shot or the styling of an actor.

Kathleen On Set

What does it feel like to be on a video shoot with, me, Tara? Two words. Clip. Board. I clutch that clipboard with white knuckled grimness. It’s where I keep the storyboard we’ve created, random stuff like our prop lists, wardrobe plan, actor’s names, and our not-so-random but down-to-the-minute schedule for the day. Are we getting the shots? Are we on time? Are we creating a moment? Is that actress smiling too much? Why is there a shadow in the glass orb prop she’s holding? Oh wait, that’s Kathleen casting a shadow outside the window in her king-of-the-world pose. Cut!  No, we don’t really say cut. 

Tara Clipboard

But if you are 1.) prepared, prepared, prepared, and 2.) have a clear creative vision (on paper!) so everyone that’s collaborating can literally be on the same page (our collaborators for the Monscierge video included Steve Jones, Chris Hunt, RK-1, and Actors Casting for example, not to mention the music from O Fidelis and Monscierge’s own inhouse photographer) then not only is there breathing room for a control freak like me to deal with an unexpected glitch (of which there’s always at least one) but there’s room to have fun, too.

If you know you want a brand video, but aren’t sure if it should be informative or inspiring, lo-tech or hi-tech, completely candid or creatively styled, we talk more about that here in Choosing Your Brand Video Style.

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