Can I Have Blue Hair and Still Get Paid?


Can I be a professional with blue hair?

The best part about working for yourself and creating your own brand and business vision is that you get to make the rules. You can decide where you work from, what your office hours are, and you don’t have to ask anyone for vacation time off. But there are still some restricting rules we impose on ourselves—maybe from the corporate world we’ve just recently left or perhaps societal norms of “what’s professional” is subconsciously dictating some of our decisions.

Kathleen here and this week in the Being Boss Facebook group (Being Boss is the podcast I co-host), we’re chatting about whether or not it’s professional to have funky colored hair. You see, a creative had just quit her corporate job to work for herself and wanted to try something new and out-of-the-box with her hair. When she asked whether or not it was going to repel potential clients she got a resounding “No! Do your thing!” from almost 100 other creatives who are redefining the boundaries of what’s professional.

Setting your own boundaries with your personal brand

Now, the style of your hair is a superficial example of whether or not you’re playing by someone else’s rules or trying to live by a social standard that isn’t entirely authentic to your own creative expression. But there are some deeper standards and norms that might be worth reconsidering when it comes to playing by your own rules. For example, when I first started working for myself, I felt as if I should still be tracking my time 15 minute increments—a process that was strictly adhered to in my old advertising agency. I felt so liberated the day I decided, “Nope. Time tracking is not for me.” I not only ditched the stop watch, but I started making more money by billing by the project rather than by the hour.

Try this: take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side list out all the rules you’re playing by—from your wardrobe, to your creative process and workflow, to how you interact with your clients—just to name a few. Then on the right hand side, make your own rules and boundaries. See what comes up.

Want more? Tara and I hosted a webinar all about attracting/repelling your dream clients. I talked about how you can attract your dream clients (and repel the not-so-dreamy ones) with your brand (and perhaps your blue hair)—meanwhile, Tara got specific about selling conversations and how to close the deal with an interested potential client. Watch the replay here!



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