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If you’ve been following the “Your Brand On A Desert Island” themed series we’ve been sharing over the past few weeks, then you’ll be able to get into mental castaway mode as fast as cracking a coconut (which actually probably takes a long time but roll with me here) and in the perfect frame of mind to try out this fun ten minute brand exercise, Brand Message In A Bottle.

Through history and popular culture there have been different purposes for composing, curling and corking a handwritten message and sending it out to sea. It can be a desperate attempt at discovery and rescue or just an unrequited sentiment directed to some unknown soul and sent out into the universe with really no hope of reply. Yikes, it’s actually quite bittersweet when you think about it. No wonder notorious softie, Nicholas Sparks, took the idea and ran with it.

When it comes down to it, the point of this particularly romanticized (if not exactly efficient) form of communication is not the long shot that someone will actually find the message, read it and act upon it. The point is the act itself, of writing down what you want, putting it out there, and basically making your intent known to the only person that is guaranteed to “get the message” – yourself.

Okay, getting a little Laws of Attraction here, so let’s get back to that fun ten minute brand exercise I mentioned.

Your Message In A Bottle: Dream Customer
The idea is to picture your perfect customer. It’s sort of a no-brainer when you think about doing this, but then you realize you haven’t actually done it.  What’s even better is writing down who this customer is. And we don’t just mean an ordinary customer but a raving fan, like I Dream of Jeannie (you know, ‘cause of the bottle) – a total loyalist.

But the point is not that it’s a message to them. It’s a message to yourself. It help keeps them in your mind, so you remember who you are branding to. So to help you easily compose your message, you can try this fill-in-the blank format:

1. My dream customer values ______________ but really loves ____________________.
2. A stress they have might is  _____________________________.
3. But a happy milestone in their life right now might be ___________________.
4. They often trust others who ____________________________________.
5. But what really makes them a loyal fan is _________________________.
6. Something that might happily surprise them about my business is _____________________________.
7. Some other favorite brands of theirs are _________ and ________________.
8. My brand should make them feel ________________________________.

Brand Message In A Bottle True Loyalist
You don’t have to actually have a bottle for this, but it does make for a nice reminder if you decide to keep your message or use it again to stash future notes or goals, if that sort of thing floats your boat – or bottle.

A multiple-person version of this Dream Customer exercise could involve a real bottle (and no, it’s not Spin The Bottle, although that could very well be the title of the next nostalgic Spark’s novel) but it’s just filling out the same form independently in a group setting, placing it in the bottle, and then each person takes turns pulling out a “message” and comparing notes (differences and similarities) about who you perceive to be your dream customer.

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