Braid Workshop: How to Share YOU and Sell What You DO


Creative Entrepreneurs love and hate the overlap – the blended in-between of work and life, of what’s personal and what’s business, of what’s simply talent-for-hire and what they can really be known for. This overlap can be really clarifying or incredibly confusing. Usually both.  But the overlap is never more painful or powerful than in your content.

You can think of the content you share as specifically how you blog, or post, or tweet or even structure your offerings – but on a more basic level, it’s all just a part of how you talk, write, sell and explain what you’re all about, to your followers and friends, to your peers and collaborators, to your dream customers and yourself. 

Think of your content like a two-sided tag:
- One side is your gift tag: how you share yourself. 
- The other side is the price tag: how you sell what you do.

So our Braid Workshop is about the two sides of your creative entrepreneur story. What are you giving away, what are you getting paid for, what is the blended tone for both, and what do you have to really say that is going to help you not only cultivate a more memorable personal brand but really explain your expertise?

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Braid Workshop: Share You & Sell What You Do
a blended work/life content sharing workshop for creative entrepreneurs

Eventbrite - Braid Workshop: Share YOU & Sell What You DO

About The Braid Workshop:
We’re Kathleen Shannon and Tara Street, and we consult one-on-one with creative entrepreneurs and aspiring-to-be’s, all over the country, helping them clarify their business vision and brand story. 

Regardless if they work and live in a big city or a small town, whether they blog and tweet and post all day, or just want to have clearer and more compelling conversations around how they make their living – these two intertwined themes of sharing versus selling, keep rising to the top for everyone we work with. Especially for creative entrepreneurs who are selling what often feels like intangible services versus concrete products. 

So we’re kicking off our first workshop to help a small group of creative entrepreneurs with these same uncertainties – to get better at sharing their personal brand without feeling random, all over the place, irrelevant, or crossing their own work/life boundaries. We’ll help them get more straightforward with how they are selling themselves – without feeling like a fake, a sales person, a people pleaser or an order taker.

Who The Braid Workshop Is For:
Creatives who sell their talents: designers, web developers, photographers
Creatives who sell their services: coaches, consultants, stylists

Note, while many of our Braid themes have relevance with creative makers – those who sell handmade products or have a retail aspect to their business – this workshop is designed for those who are selling their time, expertise, talents and have an interest in creating ongoing content to help communicate those services. If you are a maker who says, “wait, that’s still me!” then let us know, and this workshop will welcome you gladly!


What We’ll Be Working Through Together:

Morning Session with Kathleen Shannon

Sharing Who You Are

- Which aspects of your personal life overlap into your profession?
- How are you choosing to share that overlap in-person and online?
- And how can you turn your talents and experiences into “gifts of knowledge” that you give away freely?

We sort the aspects of your personality and talents and identify where work/life, most clearly cross over, which parts of your life you’d like to share more, which have the most power when blended with your professional passion, and what you’d like to just save for yourself. So you can use those overlaps to create a content-sharing tone & strategy that actually blends your personal brand and business.

Afternoon Session with Tara Street

Selling What You Do

- What are your clients actually buying? 
- Are you really showing them how to best hire you?
- Does your business content and your business conversations center around your talents and your personality – or on your underlying expertise?
- Do you feel like an icky sales person or like you’re constantly trying to prove your worth when talking to a possible client?

We help you hone in on the expertise that you have running underneath all that personality and all those talents, and narrow in on your own distinct “gifts of knowledge.” So you can get more comfortable talking and writing about not only what you want to become known for, but the services you want to get paid for. So how you “sell” stops feeling salesy, like a scramble to tell people what they want to hear – and instead starts to feeling like another kind of sharing.

What You Can Expect From The Day:
An Optional Meet & Greet Breakfast: at Kitchen No. 324 a beautiful airy breakfast hotspot in downtown Oklahoma City
Your Personal Brand (HOW YOU SHARE) Morning Session with Kathleen: personal worksheets, group discussion, takeaway strategy/sheets
Working & Sharing Lunch: local seasonal fare catered onsite at our workshop lounge by Native Roots Market
Your Expertise (HOW YOU SELL) Afternoon Session with Tara: personal worksheets, group discussion, takeaway strategy/sheets
Plus... an exclusive Facebook Forum just for our Braid Workshop attendees.

How to Attend:
Our one-day workshop is $250 and will be located at LEVEL lounge in the Deep Deuce district of Oklahoma City on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 from 9AM - 4PM. Spaces are limited to 15 creative entrepreneurs. 

Visit our Eventbrite page for more event details and to register. 

Eventbrite - Braid Workshop: Share YOU & Sell What You DO



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