Big Leaps and Small Steps


Inevitably at some point during a creative entrepreneur’s journey, down her uncertain path, a big leap is going to be required. Actually, big leaps and big risks are usually how this path begins – graduating college, quitting the day job, forming a new partnership, to name a few. The big leaps typically feel risky and daring, they’re equally scary and exciting, and they make for really fun dinner conversations and Facebook status updates. Big leaps will challenge your courage, get your adrenaline pumping, and make you feel like a badass when you make it to the other side. Once they become a habit, you can get addicted to big leaps – craving the next one or even becoming antsy or bored if you don’t feel one coming your way.

The thing is, becoming a successful creative entrepreneur is mostly made up of small steps. The stuff that doesn’t make you feel like a particularly interesting person – things like spending two hours perfecting the tiniest bit of typography in a logo, coordinating a client contract, reviewing quarterly goals, keeping up with the books, writing, designing, and meeting – plus the life stuff like household chores and errands. It’s not that these things aren’t worthy, they’re just not Pinterest-worthy. The value in the small steps comes with consistency, time, and sticktoitiveness. 

Four years ago I went on an adventure to the Himalayas in Nepal to hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Buying a round-trip ticket to Kathmandu: big leap. Flying on a tiny prop-plane carrying 18 passengers into the most dangerous airport in the world: big leap. Getting to Mount Everest Base Camp: small steps. And the higher we got, the more effort each step took. I remember counting my steps to 20 and then I would allow myself to take a 30 second break to breathe and take in the scenery. And get this – when we finally got to Mt. Everest Base Camp we couldn’t even see Mt. Everest. The view of the summit is obscured by the other huge and majestic mountains around. The beauty of the adventure wasn’t in the final destination – it was in the journey along the way. One step at a time. 

Being a working creative means that sometimes you’ll take big risky leaps. But more often the challenge is in sticking to the small steps. 

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