A Resolution for Routine


Happy 2013, creatives! Everyone is talking about goal-setting and intentions so I thought a post on feeling lazy and setting a routine would be a perfect start to a new year here on the Braid blog.

You see, a couple of patterns I’ve noticed in the creative entrepreneurs we work with:  
1. They all think they’re lazy
2. They all desire process and routine

The Lazy Factor

The Lazy Factor 
In a culture that glorifies 80-hour work weeks and six-figure salaries it’s almost impossible to not feel lazy. I think us creative entrepreneurs often feel lazy because our values don’t align with the nine-to-five hustle surrounding us – OR because we’re comparing our daily grind to someone else’s finished product. We think “if I could just put in a little bit more time” or “if I could try just a little harder my career would look so stylish and successful. I’d have an EBook, a workshop, and that super cool blogger in LA would be my new BFF. If I could just work a little harder and be just slightly more talented my life would look like Kinfolk.”

Or maybe that’s just me. But if this sounds familiar continue reading on. 

The Conundrum

The Conundrum
The thing I’ve found to be true is this ... “lazy” is essential to being creative. Even Albert Einstein said “Creativity is the residue of time wasted.” I mean... how many of your best ideas strike when you’re reading a novel, going for a run, in the shower, or even in your sleep? Oftentimes, it’s in the time and space that happens around the actual “work” in which creativity thrives. And when that space around the work happens haphazardly and all willy-nilly it feels like procrastination or downright laziness. But when the space around the work is structured or scheduled we call it R&R or down time. The truth is, you’re probably far from lazy. What you’re really feeling is the desire for routine. 

The Desire for Routine

The Desire for Routine
Every creative entrepreneur I know, and have worked with, desires process and routine. Process and routine are the antidote to laziness. I think of process as the methodical steps you take to solve any problem any time. The creative process keeps you from freaking out or feeling like you’ll never have a good idea ever again when it comes to doing the work. And routine is what gives our work and life a bit of structure. Routine and process, together, move us through the daily grind when all we want to do is wrap up in our coziest blanket, eat some dark chocolate, and watch a quiet Sofia Coppola movie. But what about the times when we don’t want to be full on “lazy” but we do want to check our Twitter, peruse Pinterest, write a blog post, read a book, watch a TED talk, work on some fine art, go to a yoga class, or even eat lunch? All these things sound pretty awesome, but they can make us feel scattered and lazy if we lack a routine. So the point is … develop a routine. It will make you feel productive during your work time and intentional with your down time.  

If the thought of developing a routine makes you feel tired here is a worksheet to help get you started with healthy habits, little rituals, and a schedule to keep you on track.

A Resolution for Routine


Now you have a plan ... a roadmap for a routine. Now commit to it.

Let us know on Facebook what your resolutions for routine look like. And sign up for our Letters for Creative Entrepreneurs (in the left sidebar on the Braid site) to see what kinds of resolutions for routine Braid is making in 2013. 

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