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Here at Braid we work with lots of photographers - and even though it’s a seemingly saturated market, each photographer we work with has a distinctly unique vibe - both in their personal style and their professional process. Greer Inez is no exception. She’s the kind of gal who isn’t afraid to shave the side of her head, wear high-waisted bell bottoms, and rock a hot neon green bra under a sheer white tee. She has a sexy smoker’s voice (without being a smoker, mind you) that draws you in and hypnotizes you to what she’s preaching - which is usually something along the lines of insisting on living a bold and beautiful life. And being photographed by Greer feels like being photographed by a rock star - a rock star who makes you feel (and look) beautiful. 

Greer was headed towards a doctorate with dreams of teaching college students when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant with her little boy (now two years old). It was an opportunity for her to completely change directions into creative entrepreneurship. We’re chatting with Greer a little more on how she lives a bold and beautiful life of her very own.  

Energy + Hard Work = Dream Job
Braid: How did you end up on the road to creative entrepreneurship?
Greer: I was on the path to a PhD with dreams of teaching college students when we found out I was pregnant with Lennon [surprise!]. I continued graduate school while I was pregnant, I'll never forget squeezing my big-ol-belly into those tiny desks I had once sat in as a narcissistic 20-year-old. When Lennon came into this world, my priorities were drastically affected. I couldn't excuse spending another penny on more school for myself, it felt selfish, I needed to start saving for Lennon's education. If I was going to be away from my baby, I was going to be making money, not spending money... Desperate, I found myself in one of the scariest times of my life, worried that I wouldn't find a new path that fulfilled me while also financing Lennon's needs. 

My husband and a few friends had been hounding me about my photography for years, thinking I needed to find a way to make a living with my photography. I thought it was the wildest pipe-dream. But I've always been a dreamer, I am super comfortable thinking outside the [rational] box. So once I started neurotically nourishing that dream with energy + hard work, my dream job was created. I must say, from the very beginning, I have included the raddest people in every decision I could. I believe in the power of community, and even though my career might look very solo from the outside, my life as a photographer actually consists of many radass people supporting me.

Braid: Travel is super important to you. How does bringing your talent coast-to-coast change (or boost) your outlook as an artist and as a business-woman?
Traveling is very important to me. My parents started sending me overseas as a teenager, and I learned quickly the importance of travel on a person's growth + evolution. Being taken out of my comfort zone + being exposed to new things, enjoying things that my home may not have. Oh the goodness of travels... This country varies dramatically coast-to-coast. Taking my business coast-to-coast keeps my eyes stimulated, keeps my creative juices flowing. I am constantly gathering inspiration and being energized by the people I encounter on my travels. I would feel so stale / stagnant without the ability to take my business coast-to-coast. 

Braid: You seem to really thrive in the work / life overlap - which is what having a personal brand is all about. What advice would you give to those embarking on a creative career when it comes to blending who you are with what you do?
Greer: Oh man. Loaded question. Always keep a heart of gratitude. Surround yourself with smart + creative people. Your business is vulnerable to your emotional state, so take care of yourself. You will have to be your biggest fan some days. Get yourself a set of awesome people that you can depend on, support is important. Share ideas and include others in your daily path. Make goals + plans of attack. Get [& stay] organized, LOVE your lists, and keep making bigger goals than yesterday's. Gather inspiration, but don't peruse for too long because when you compare too much, you can start feelin' beat down. Oh and keep that heart of gratitude along the way...

Person Professional Overlap
Braid: Photography is a booming industry right now. How do you manage to stay confident when there are so many other creatives with cameras to compete with out there?
Greer: Thankfully, I do not have much time to look at my competition, because I'd probably start feeling insecure. And insecurity / jealousy is such a time-consuming, self-destructive cycle. To be honest, I kinda keep a certain level of naivety at all times. Oh really, there are other people out there that are better than I? And people will hire them and not me? Well, if so, ignorance is bliss, eh?

Like my man always says, don't worry about other people, worry about yourself. So I worry about myself- I take good care of myself, I believe in a lot of positive self-talk, I work really hard, and I do all that I can to deliver a phenomenal product/experience when I am hired. And I believe there is always that person out there that is looking for that unique Greer Inez experience.

Don't Worry About Others
Braid: Surrounding yourself with creatives - your tribe - is really important to you. Tell us about that. What advice would you give to others who are looking for "their people"?
Greer: My tribe is so important to me. I invest a lot in these people. Because I would be nothing without them. I believe in myself because I believe in my people, and my people are what support me on a daily basis. Support is so important.

My tribe varies from blood-family members to childhood friends, to my branding company + web developers. I guess you could say that I insist on the best. And you should too! Surround yourself with incredible people. Just simply insist on it! 

My Tribe

Surround Yourself With Incredible People
Braid: What are three daily "must-haves" you cannot live without?
1. My Leo loverboys (my man and my little boy - both born under a Leo sun)
2. Greens (like Kale / Spinach) (I need to have greens every day of my life!)
3. iPhone (I take about 1000 iPhone photos a week. I'd be really sad without it.)

Three Daily Must Haves
Braid: Do you think creative types have unique challenges as entrepreneurs?
Greer: I have noticed that some creative types struggle with motivation. I assume it tends to be a lack of belief in oneself or a lack of organization.  It is so sad, but I have seen many super-creative people struggle to get their business off the ground. I know it is hard some days, you just have to insist on keeping that personal dialogue a positive one, a productive dialogue. I do believe that those that can stay motivated & hard working [through the hard times] are the ones that will be successful.

Braid: Finally, share with us a recent victory you've been celebrating.
Greer: I travel a lot for work. But most of my business is in Oklahoma since I live here. After establishing myself in Oklahoma City / Norman, my goal was to establish myself in Southern California, so we could spend more time at our house in Laguna Beach. And I have recently reached a point where I am working in California enough to be there a few months out of the year. Dream come true!

Congrats Greer on taking big leaps when it comes to finding the balance between living a curiously creative life while raising a young family and fulfilling your own passions. 

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