A New Year for Your Creative Business


Happy new year! As creative entrepreneurs we’re used to reflecting on past performance and setting quarterly goals. It’s especially easy to do with measurable markers of success – from profit and loss sheets, to web analytics, to Facebook likes.

But what if we set our creative business goals to look more like our own new year’s resolutions? What if instead of setting financial benchmarks to measure our success we looked at our own desires and how our businesses can help us achieve the life we’d like to design for ourselves?

Here are a few ideas on how to make some goals and resolutions for you and your creative business as you move into 2014: 

1. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. In other words, how can you explicitly make your business a more authentic reflection of who you are and what you want to be doing? I recommend starting with your “about” and “how to hire me” pages of your site. Revisit and update them according to the kind of work you want to be doing in 2014. 

2. Find focus. Easier said than done when you have a million brilliant ideas and interests. Try this: write down 5 of your most memorable past victories and 5 goals or ideas you’d like to one day execute on in the future. Now find the common thread or overlap between these lists and come up with just two things to take action on in the first quarter of 2014. Check out our blog post Leap Forward by Looking Back for more on how to narrow in on present-day priorities and find focus. 

3. How do you want to feel? Let’s stop thinking about strategies and talk about our feelings. Yes, I’m being for real. How do you want to feel as you move through your work day? Busy or productive? Flexible or structured? Secure or spontaneous? Like an artist or an expert? Consider how you want to feel – then imagine what a day would look like if it were motivated by those feelings versus measurable analytics. What would change? 

4. How do you want your clients to feel? What do you want your dream customer to know about you? How do you want them to feel before and after working with you? How could you adjust your customer interactions in 2014 to feel more like a dream? 

5. Get creative on the side. Sometimes doing what we love for a living is a blessing and a curse – it’s great because we get paid to be creative. But let’s get real – a job is still a job no matter how much you love it. And if you’re using all your creative energy at work you may not feel so fulfilled, creatively, outside of your career. What kind of side projects, just for fun, could you tackle in 2014? It can be anything from redecorating your space to starting a yoga practice. And when I say on the side that doesn’t mean on the back burner. You can schedule time for your passion projects in the very middle of your work day. After all, you’re the boss! 

Let us know on our Facebook page what your new year’s resolutions for your creative business are! 

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